Saturday, 9 April 2011


    So last night Caroline and Lisa spent the evening with Jenny, face-to-face, no scruffy blokes involved. A massive thank-you to Caroline's sister and her husband for both feeding us and putting up with us, and I hope any cider-fueled headaches will have subsided by now.
    As always when I shed the scruffy bloke impersonation I find myself acutely aware of his echoes in my behaviour. Testosterone and a lifetime's conditioning have made it rather difficult to leave all the male traits behind, and I'm constantly thinking "That was such a bloke thing you did there!" at work for example. It's stupid really, it's mostly imaginary and half of what I think is obvious never gets noticed by anyone else, but we all have these things that grip us irrationally from time to time.
    Every time I go somewhere in Jenny mode now it feels less like something I have to get ready for and more spontaneous. As real as the scruffy me with Rusty Old Wreck-stained t-shirt sitting typing this. Separating the two could become a problem, one I don't want to have to face. I must remind myself, a woman with a Rusty Old Wreck would be just as grubby after wire-brushing its underside.


  1. You either have to separate the two or live with it! Do you really want Jenny to be a grease monkey? The two can be separated you know! Look at me talking, here I am dressed to kill and holding down a sparky's job! LOL

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. Takes more than a few bottles of cider to induce a headache!

    More tall than large though I did not feel as short as I imagined I might, certainly blooming. Glad to have met up and had such chat.

    Caroline xxx

  3. It is as real as fettling the scruffy old wreck :)

    And yes you would be just as scruffy after doing the wire brushing. Just remember to protect your nails...


  4. I just absolutly know what you mean about not having to think twice about going out en femme. I used to plot and plan but yesterday, for example, I was dressed without a plan to go out but when I wanted a newspaper, I just went to get one.

    Keep up the Jenny outings and enjoy every moment.

  5. whether or not something is a 'bloke' thing shouldn't matter if it's a 'you' thing? it would be a pretty boring world if we were all stereotypes of what we thought 'women' and 'men' should act like.

  6. Morning everyone, and thanks for your comments.

    I guess it's a product of the increasing intrusion of the girl into everyday life.

    Yes, the bloke is a 'me' thing. No, I'm not ashamed of it, after all I am day-to-day a bloke. But there are times when I'd prefer to tone it down a bit for my own comfort.