Tuesday, 13 March 2012

So they gave me a camera phone...

IMG_20120114_152745    Regular visitors here will probably be used to my periodic tales of the part of rural Southern England in which I grew up. I will always be a native of the British countryside no matter where I live, so it's hardly surprising you'll find it here.
    As a regular wanderer on the bridleways and public footpaths I find I take a huge number of photographs. I'm by no means a photographer by inclination, more someone seized by the urge to capture scenes in which I see beauty. Sometimes I'll end up using pictures on this blog or cutting textures from them to use in my work, but usually they sit neatly organised by camera and date on my backup system.
    It's a shame, not using those pictures.
    So this year I've decided to do something about it. I've started posting some of my countryside photos to a new blog. The idea is that it'll track the seasons in my part of the world as they happen and allow me to share some of what I see. Purely a photography based blog and restricted to rural pics, there will be no trans content there, no cider or old cars.
    The clue to my level of photographic enthusiasm is in the name: So they gave me a camera phone... Not for me the pursuit of the latest optics, my camera came from Motorola via Orange. It's not in any way a good quality camera but it makes up for that by always being to hand, offering an immediacy of reportage that many enthusiast cameras simply can not match.
    You can find this blog here, at http://jennyalto-pics.blogspot.com/.


  1. There is no better camera than one you actually have with you, being there is everything...

    Does not look like I will get follow up comments from here...

  2. Congratulations Jenny, the first dynamic views blog I have come across.

    Had no idea that the viewer got to choose any of the views themselves and there is no way for us to give you praise...

  3. Another site added to my favourites. Very good quality pictures Jenny.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  4. Thanks all,

    @Shirley Anne, you didn't see the rejects! :)

    @Caroline, I'd almost say my phone is more camera and email terminal than phone.

    I miss my Nokia with its much better camera. But I couldn't justify their ancient and creaky Symbian operating system when it was time to replace it. My next phone may well be a Nokia again though now they use Windows Mobile.

    I felt Dynamic Views fitted this format very well. Plus I wanted to give them a try, if I'm honest.