Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wardrobe malfunction

    There are times when you realise how little can separate presenting as male and presenting as female.

    Last night saw the regular Swindon TG Group meeting. I was traveling from my parents place and picking someone up, so I had to get as ready as I could while still retaining a male presentation, then throw on the final touches before the final leg to Swindon.
   So, wash and blow-dry my hair, put on a pair of girly jeans, a pair of Boxfresh shoes which are pretty unisex, and stick with a bloke T-shirt advertising a well-known British online forum for owners of dodgy old cars. Hey Presto! Bloke.

    Bloke, that is, with a hairstyle that I'm amazed people register as male when blow-dried, and whose complete absence of beard now makes a lot of the make-up I used to wear unnecessary.

    So when the time came to change, I found I'd left my girly top at home. Damn. Girl in a dodgy old car T-shirt ain't gonna work. I'm not a 5'4" natal girl capable of wearing her boyfriend's T-shirt as a dress with a belt over leggings. So off to Swindon I went as the scruffy bloke. Annoying, but not insurmountable.
    But there it was, the difference between boy and girl distilled down to a slightly different top, a mildly padded bra, and a little bit of make-up. OK, and a necklace.
    I never thought this would happen. And now it has, I rather wish it hadn't. Somehow this has all become a little too easy, which in its own way makes things a little difficult.

    Never mind. On a lighter note, I dug out my old Nokia cameraphone earlier in the day, because it has a far better camera than my regular Motorola. One of the first pictures I took with it was one of an ant receiving a free lunch. I didn't realise how much I'd missed it, so seduced had I been by apps.


  1. I hope your night went well anyway. It appears that it has despite the dress code. The thing is what you were wearing was probably just the same as what a lot of girls would wear.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. "But there it was, the difference between boy and girl distilled down to a slightly different top, a mildly padded bra, and a little bit of make-up. OK, and a necklace."

    Really! How interesting.

  3. Nice try anonymous troll, but it should be pretty clear to even the most myopic of readers that this post is about presentation and nothing else.

    @Shirley Anne, It's true a lot of girls wear t-shirt and jeans. But I felt a garment so redolent of petrol and oil wasn't quite in the spirit of it all :)

  4. Precisely my point, Jenny. It quite simply is NOT, about 'presentation'...unless of course for you it is.

  5. Sorry love, I ain't bitin'. Post under your own name.

  6. How will posting under my own name take the bite out of my words? I realize that the truth can be painful, but is it not also true that without pain, there is no gain?

    How much longer will you keep your head in the sand? Trying to serve two masters, or live two genders, seems like a losing proposition to me.
    Just sayin'....

  7. Hi Jenny! Bit of an under-the-bridge smell round here, ain't there?