Saturday, 5 May 2012


    No, it ain't the result of some new magic bustline treatment. Dysfunction & Depression, the happy couple.

    Have you ever seen a magician spinning plates? Loads of them to tend to, eventually plates start falling? That's me at the moment. Can't really elaborate on everything here, but I have much preying on me. Family, responsibilities, my wife's career choices, random worries, and my ongoing GIC counseling which I sometimes feel is doing a fine job of pulling the rug from under my feet.
    All this, and the muse has departed me. Several things I wanted to write about have delivered a paragraph or two and petered out. Perhaps that's as well, they'd probably have come across as rather sour. I'm not at my best, writing while depressed.
    So if I seem a little quiet, either here or elsewhere, that's why. These things are usually temporary, but they're very annoying while they last.


  1. I once asked one of my former bosses how he managed to jugle so many roles, he just shruged and sad "Sometimes I drop a ball" maybe we just have to accept that sometimes. One of the things i like about having a blog is having somewhere to express my downs, disappointments depressions and dramas. Your friends here won't stop being your friends if you have a bit of an on line grump. Be envouraged we are interested and we care.

  2. I can very much relate to this; I empathise. All I can offer is the idea that the darkest moment is just before dawn. That and copious amounts of Rescue Remedy or whatever your poison is.

  3. It gets to the best of us sometimes Jenny so you can safely say you number among them! So you drop a ball once in a while, it's when you stop picking them up again is when it might be a problem. Hope tomorrow is better than today. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

  4. I hope that this DD is indeed temporary


  5. The dysphoria of dysonnance. One is the symptom. The other, the cause.

  6. I think many of us can understand the DD scenario you describe. I have been in that place so many times. I hope you find some peace and balance soon
    Helen xx

  7. Morning all, thanks for your support.

    Well, still here :)
    Funnily enough, things are much better for having had something of a rw with Mrs. J. a few days ago. Just a healthy everyday row, nothing more serious, but one that's cleared the air. Then we went out for the day on Sunday and had a really good time.

    Underlying though are still the same problems we all know and love. Gota keep at it...

  8. Compared to me, you're screaming (as opposed to quiet). Honestly, I've not written a whole lot because it just appears than I'm whining. For me, the writing is therapeutic, but negative comments can get to me at times, especially when I'm vulnerable and is often when I'm in a mood to write. I guess I need to just start doing more on the private blog.

    I owe you and many emails, Jenny. I'll try to do so soon. I do hope you're doing better.

    Calie xxx