Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Ministry of Happiness

Olympic graffiti

I did write a long screed about the Olympics here, but it came over as rather petulant, so I deleted it. A billion quid of your hard-earned taxpayers money being piddled away every day for a couple of weeks will do that to you.


  1. Shame, lots of us out here would have been in agreement...

  2. I keep hearing about how there will be ecconomic benifits, not sure how I am going to get any benifit for my extra Coucnil Tax over the next few years

  3. I'm with you all on this. Although I do enjoy watching sport and will be watching some of the events from time to time I do think the expenditure is way over the top by a few billion pounds! They keep telling us it is of benefit to us all but I would dearly love to know how! Will my taxes be reduced in any way? No way!

    Shirley Anne x

  4. I watched the opening ceremony which I thought was quite good.
    Tonight I saw the highlights of the GB women's football match against Brazil. I might actually watch their next match against Canada if I remember. Other than that there is just the triathlons that I'm planning on watching, anything else will be because the rest of the family are watching something.

    I really do hope that there will be some benefit comes out of these games for the country as a whole but more importantly for the communities around the venues.

  5. A week into the Games and I'm ashamed to say I am enjoying some of the sport. The athletes are saving the spectacle.

    But the Enforced Happiness, with Boris Johnson telling us all to smile? Ugh!