Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Careful with the gym skirts...

    A few weeks ago I accompanied a friend to East London to a well-known shop serving our community. She seeded to replace her breastforms and they are one of the better places to get them in the UK, having a good range at not exorbitant prices, and crucially the opportunity to see the product at close hand.
    It's a useful shop for many different strands of our community. My friend is long-ago transitioned for example, and I have found some of the few decent ladies shoes that fit me there. However it is also known for catering for the more flamboyant end of our spectrum. I guess that's where the money is. So alongside the more normal ladies clothing you'll see PVC dresses, little girl dresses, crazy high heels and sexy schoolgirl outfits.
    A notice in front of the counter caught my eye. I guess it must be aimed at East London's more light-fingered youth rather than the clientele, but in the context of the shop in question it amused me. A lot.

    "No more than two schoolgirls are allowed in the shop at any one time."

    I felt it would have been rude to laugh out loud in the shop, so I had to contain myself.


  1. They say that laughter is the best medicine!

  2. Perhaps it should have read,'All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult'.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. If its where I think it is I went in there the last time I was in London on a training course. They were really friendly and helpful, having changing rooms that you could pop into to try things on and also get advice from the staff was also good.

  4. I would have laughed out loud but, of course, I'm American and just don't have the composure of a refined and cultured subject of the Queen.

  5. Yes, it's Doreen Fashions, http://www.doreenfashions.com/. Very good shop, staffed by a couple of wonderful Cockney matriarchs, very friendly. And though they have tried very hard, unable to source size 15s at reasonable prices for them to stock. Thinking about it, I got my shapewear there too.