Thursday, 28 February 2013

Anger and stress

   There's too much to be angry about. Idiot politicians, stupid churchmen, the more sinister of my former schoolteachers, even the silly young feminist I encountered last night who could rationalise trans people - MtF and FtM - as OK because they were "victims of the Patriarchy". Oh yes, the Patriarchy, that handy common enemy that removes the need to think.
    It's not easy sitting at work, a scruffy bloke with stress issues. Blimey yes, the scruffy bloke. Whatever happened to him. I think he started to fade about this time last year.
   There are times when this becomes rather onerous.
   Still, silly feminist students aside last night was interesting. A panel discussion of trans politics with a well-known activist, an NUS trans person and a trans comedian. And a first for me, going out in my home town without any pretence of being incognito. I've been so careful for my wife's sake all this time, but she's no longer worried in the way she once was. So off I went. And got bloody cold standing outside with my friend R afterwards while she had a fag, but that's the way it goes. Girly jeans are thinner and tighter than boy ones, you have to suffer for your art.
    So another month passes, only six months to go 'till my GIC appointment. It's looking better than it was a week or two ago, but I can't help wishing I had a crystal ball.


  1. I sense anger and impatience, and a certain jumping out of the plane without a parachute, and hoping to fly. Why not?


  2. Why not!?! Because it is not the long fall that will kill you. It is the sudden stop.

  3. Enjoy the characters. They are stories to be told.

    Innis, have ever thought of parlaying that depressing thought into something more positive? Such as: the sudden stop at the end is a trampoline.

  4. I think I understand the anger. Hopefully you'll move to resolution soon.

    What sort of audience did the event get?

  5. Ignore the idiots and do your own thing Jenny

    Shirley Anne x

  6. Funny how everyone except us is allowed to set our agenda, innit...

    I guess I'm suffering the inevitable effect of keeping the lid on for so long.

    The event was well-attended, with a receptive crowd. Mostly younger, as you'd expect from a student venue. Not many visible trans attendees, just three of us locals,all a bit older.