Saturday, 22 March 2014

Getting on with it.

    It's a lovely spring day in Southern England, and I'm off to a friend's wedding in a couple of hours. The magnolia is coming out, and fat green leaf buds are showing on the trees.
    Not being one for treating transition as a tick-box list of achievements, it was a while before it struck me I've been full-time for six months. Life's just gone on. In years of following blogs in this sphere I've read many breathless descriptions of milestones - I've probably written a few myself! - but this one if indeed it is a milestone has passed almost unnoticed. Which is the way it should be.
    Short post? Isn't much more to write on this subject, is there.


  1. The real milestone is the one where you decide that you have to change direction because you have been going the wrong way for too long. Then you just get on with it, hope the church is not too cold for flimsy girls clothes! those places are cold even in summer...

    1. So you have been in a few then Caroline? LOL

      Shirley Anne x

  2. It would be nice to just turn a page and find yourself where you imagined you should be in the first place without all the things that have to happen in transition. You are doing well living your life and not having the actual transition interfere with normality Jenny, like you are doing it without it really affecting your normal routine.

    Shirley Anne x