Friday, 22 August 2014


    I want to go back to bed. A general statement, as I'm typing this sitting in bed having had a lazy breakfast. But it's true, right now I'd prefer to spend my day in bed rather than go into work and do stuff with bits of software.
    Truth is, I've lost my mojo over the last year. The combination of a series of stressful events and the side-effects of hefty antidepressants. I have the feeling of needing a month off, something that is sadly not practical.
    You might think transition would have caused this, but surprisingly that's the part that's worked. Despite everything I have none of the crushing regret I had as the scruffy bloke, of not being female. Yes. Transition works, at least in that sense.
    As has been the case in the past, my mind seeks a release in engineering. Making stuff. I wrote a post about dressmaking a while back but that's just one of the avenues at my disposal. Which is in itself dangerous, as a former dotcommer I know the perils of startup business so idly working out how I'd conquer the Internet of Things or spot financial trends through news corpus analysis rather than pursuing an unexciting career in publishing is folly.
    So despite all that I'm not going to stay in bed. Get up, face the day. It's a Bank Holiday weekend coming up here in the UK, so maybe three days away will help.


  1. Take your raincoat if you do love! LOL I thought you'd just returned from a week's break Jenny. Maybe it wasn't enough eh? When we think about the things we have to endure when transitioning it is a great wonder that we go through with it. Keep on truckin' and hopefully you'll soon reach the finishing line. Hugs

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Sadly sometimes its a case of putting one foot in front of another ....

    I hope the weekend helps....

  3. If you figure out how to regain your motivation do share. I've struggled with mine at work for the last year and a half. Even trying to move to a more interesting project has been blocked by higher ups. I've actually reached the point where I hope that the contracts that they are expecting to come in don't so that people get reallocated to other areas.

    Enjoy the bank holiday, hopefully we'll have some decent weather.

  4. You know how it is, have a holiday, need another...