Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Grumbling about the weather

    I live in an oddly unprepared country. Here in the UK we have the occasional heatwave in summer, and we sometimes have cold snaps in winter. It rarely dips below -5 degrees Celcius in the winter and summer temperatures in excess of 30 degrees are considered exceptional. In other words, we have a temperate climate as befits our being surrounded by the sea. Just about right I'd say, but I would having grown up here, wouldn't I.
    We're oddly unprepared though, because for a place that gets a lot of weather it doesn't seem to take much to shut us down. Canadians laugh at us in the winter when our airports close for 10mm of snow, and I am guessing people from the Tropics do likewise when our mild heatwaves cause our railways to grind to a halt.
    So it is today, that with the mercury barely hitting 30 degrees, we're throwing in the towel. That's it, everyone's off to watch Wimbledon.
    It's good, no longer working in an office. I can put on a summer dress and sit outside in the shade of a pear tree with a laptop and a cool drink, and I'm working.


  1. When we were told that we'd have 3 months of lovely weather earlier in the year I was looking forward to it as I knew I'd have time off during the summer to enjoy it. Now that we have our mini heatwave I went out yesterday lunchtime and sat in the garden for about 5 minutes before deciding that it was too bright for me to be able to read so back into the house I went.

    Yesterday evening we had a BBQ and afterwards I lay on a lounger in the garden with a hat over my face enjoying the cooler evening.

    Today I'm going to pick up some suntan lotion and then just sit out and enjoy the sunshine while we have it. I might even decide a sundress is in order, rather than a pair of shorts and camisole.

  2. You call that work! try 6 hours gardening interspersed with trips between gardens in a dark coloured van with no air con!

  3. Monday was spent working in the garden (thank goodness for modern laptop screens!) and all of my meetings this week have either been walking through the green family neighbourhood or in the school yard of our old school building. Biggest issue is having to apply sun screen before them...


  4. By coincidence yesterday I had the Turbocharged Rollerskate booked in for an aircon regas. The drive home was a lot pleasanter than the drive in.

    1. I saw the temp in the car hit 44C yesterday. No sitting outside for me!

  5. Can we have just a little bit of your sunshine up here in Scotland please? Still wearing two layers and there has not been a need to water the garden!!