Saturday, 30 April 2016


    Hurty teeth, not getting enough sleep with the lighter mornings, not having enough time for anything any more.

    That's the reality of pulling in a bit of contract work. I mustn't complain really, it's a really interesting project, and though my business had reached the point at which it could support me anyway it's always good to do something that brings in extra money.

    It was something I'd always thought I'd do at some point, set up an online dating profile. I did a lot of research to pick the right site to avoid TERFs, and to decide what categories to select and what info to put in it. It's never been something I've looked at before, some people certainly put all their wares on show. Had a long chat with my friend who could give me her experience of doing online dating as a lesbian, a bit different from my path but still interesting. She and her partner hit it off so well in the first instance because their profiles had pictures of them outdoors walking  rather than trying to look like low-budget porn stars. Very good turn of phrase, this particular friend. Damn, she's taken, and probably wouldn't be interested in me anyway.

   So, I've picked my site, got my nice outdoorsy photo, and figured out what I want to say. And done absolutely nothing. It's a big step to set up a dating profile, but it seems it's an even bigger one to give up on your wife even when she's given up on you.


  1. Out of interest which site did you find that avoided TERFs.

    Its hard when the person you have planned to spend your life with and love no longer loves you, even when you still love them. There has to be a point though when you need accept that you have to look out for yourself.

    Yesterday I came into the living room and Jeremy Kyle was on. There was a couple on who had lost a baby last year and the husband was desperate to save his marriage but his wife and he just weren't able to talk to each other. Jeremy asked the wife when she'd last said "I love you" to her husband, she couldn't remember. I glanced across at my wife at that point and she noticed but didn't say anything, the best I've got in response to saying "love you" is the line from Ghost "ditto".

    Look forward to hearing how you get on with online dating.


  2. Hope that your teeth sort themselves out soon!

    I can see that both moving on, and going for the online dating, are both huge, difficult steps. I don't think that I can offer much advice here, just wish you luck and happiness.


  3. I took up a free trial for one site which I found a rather baffling and false experience. The good news is there's loads of them I've noticedthe trans people gravitate toward plenty of fish or ok cupid. Anyway, good luck.