Tuesday 28 November 2023

Finaly Doing Something Good With My Life

     Another couple of years on the run, a sleep apnea diagnosis which has suddenly made my life much easier, an anonymous small house in a small town with nothing to make it famous, and a non-profit helping trans people in trouble. I've been a grown-up for well over three decades, and probably for the first time in my life I feel I'm part of something I believe to be lasting and worthwhile, with a legacy.

    Trans Rescue is a small non-profit with the remit of helping trans people worldwide get out of dangerous situations. It started life as a more informal group of Internet-based volunteers, but last year was formalised as a non-profit. We have helped transgender people get out of some extremely nasty trouble in some very dangerous countries along the way, we've been through a hell of a time this year running an operation in Kenya while neighbouring Uganda enacted strong anti-LGBT laws, and it's left us scarred and penniless. We've met a lot of fantastic people, some really nasty people, a few creepy obsessive weird people on the Internet, and one or two who have done exceptional things. If you want to support us you can do so at the website linked.

    The last decade and a half has been very hard, both transitioning, and facing a lot of hostility along the way. Trans Rescue may not have been easy, but it feels like the right thing to have done in the end.

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