Thursday, 14 October 2010

Discovery of the day

    My surprise discovery of the day was this: If you leave a pack of tissues in a drawer alongside a box of peppermint teabags for six weeks, the tissues smell pleasingly of mint when you use them.
    I've only been in that job for a few weeks and I'm already on my second box of mint tea. There is nothing quite like walking into a meeting bearing your mug surrounded by an aroma of mintiness when everyone else is scowling into their Nescafé. My other workplace beverage weakness, miso soup, is probably best left out of meetings. Seaweed in your teeth is not exactly professional when you are explaining the mathematics behind your forecasts for Q1 2011 to your boss's boss. She's very forgiving, but I think even she might be strained by that.
    It's such a change to have had a long and busy day at work and not be stressed about it. Noisier girls are easier to deal with when you're not stressed.


  1. Glad that your work day's a just humming along nicely.

  2. I had occasion to blow my nose, well actually it was more of a wipe, with a tissue today. When I did it a second time shortly after I noticed how lovely it smelled. I turned to my ex. and asked her if she had smelled the tissues she had bought because they had a nice fragrance. She tried one but couldn't smell anything. I tried one too and couldn't smell a thing. The first tissue had been used once before I noticed the had to be from me, my make-up to be precise. I hadn't given it much thought before because we get used to the smells and aromas around us. It's like putting on more perfume because we cannot smell it after applying it to our skin but others notice, how they notice!

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. Thanks both,

    I remember reading something written by the one of the Skylab astronauts about smells. All their hygiene products, soap, toothpaste etc. were made by NASA and had no perfume. So for them a big event was the unwrapping of a wet-wipe, because it was their one non-NASA product and had a lemon scent. According to the astronaut, they'd gather together to inhale the one perfumed smell on the space station. As a result of that experience, NASA switched to using "normal" products. We don't realise how much we get from stray perfumes.

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  5. I love peppermint tea though I need a few cups of coffee first thing however ghastly and instant.

  6. Peppermint tea is my way to avoid having too much coffee, having in the past over-indulged in that particular vice. I have to say I tend to need a coffee in the morning too though.