Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Missing person

    On Saturday evening someone was absent from our meeting. Hollie is a girl who's just edging herself out of the closet. She started a blog and was slowly exploring what all this mess means. Like me she lives about an hour's drive from Swindon so she was intending to come along to the support group this month.
    But then she split up with her girlfriend and stopped posting, and now I find her blog has been deleted. It would have been great to see her on Saturday but her confidence has obviously taken such a knock as to set her back.
    I'm guessing most of the readers of this blog will know all about the closet. It's a crap place to be. I was lucky enough to have my wife to talk to as I edged out of my personal closet but not everyone is so fortunate. I feel for the Hollies among us because I was there myself for so long. I hope Hollie finds the closet door again before too long and makes her way out before it slams shut again.


  1. Oh, bless her. Holding Hollie & everyone else who feels like this in my thoughts and hoping she finds a safe space to start opening the closet door again. Thanks for writing about it.

  2. At first my thoughts were solely sympathetic for her (they still are) but then I thought it's a phase we all go through during our own walk, well at the beginning of our walk to be precise. Opening and closing that door is all about finding out about ourselvse but it can mean that coming out is simply an immense struggle, so immense that we cannot handle it. Again I thought well perhaps she has realised who she is and has already made the right decision for herself. Unless she contacts the group or one of its members I guess we will never know. If it is indeed about struggling to come to terms with herself and being unable to do something about it then I hope she is reading this so that she knows there is support out there and many friends who fully understand.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. Thanks both. It's not just about Hollie, though she was the catalyst. But yes, I hope she's finding the right path for her even if she's doing it out of view.

  4. I hope she reads your blog, because at least she will know that she has company, and there are others who don't even know her, yet still care about her, and want her to be free.

    If you are reading this Hollie, take care sweetie.

    Melissa XX

  5. Absolutely, we may meet only in this artificial vrtual world but it doesn't mean we don't care.