Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pulling at Tesco

    A funny thing happened the other evening. I took my friend Dawn to a Tesco superstore. She's recovering from a serious illness and is unable to drive so she's not as mobile as she could be, plus she's just sorted out an anomaly with her pension so for the first time in a while she has enough income not to have to worry about what she can or can't buy to support herself. So this was a big shopping expedition, filling the trolley with all the groceries she'd run out of.
    So you have a big bloke helping an old lady with her shopping. Except we're both transgendered.
    It was weird, I don't think I've ever had quite the same attention from other female shoppers. I got smiles and conversations. I was passed grocery items across trolleys that were in the way. Not your normal dog-eat-dog supermarket sweep.
    It's one of the great myths of the dating game, that lonely singles meet each other at the supermarket. Being happily married I have no interest in such matters and it's so long ago for me I can barely remember, but I always considered that one to be highly suspect. It would seem though that by accident I have stumbled on the key to supermarket pulling success, take along an elderly friend or relative.
    Dawn was highly amused by it all.


  1. Aha but whom did you pull? I have heard tales of people 'pulling' in the supermarket but it has always been the reserve of the older generation. Mmmm...I wonder why? I suppose discos and bars don't fall into their places of 'must go there this week'. I think there is a kind of mutual understanding, a pooling of interests when people are found together doing the same things whether that be in a bar, a disco, a theatre and yes, even a supermarket! I find them great places to 'break the ice', not that I frequent such places of debauchery and abandon of course....LOL.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. I never bought into the supermarket dating myth either, Jenny. My experience is that most people in the supermarket are shopping for food, not love.

    How sweet of you to take your friend shopping. She's lucky to have you for a friend.

    Melissa XX

  3. I was only in Tesco because I heard they had a 3 for 2 offer on gender identities.

    I keep humming The Clash, "All lost in the supermarket"

  4. Maybe I've cracked it because I've finally passed the age that qualifies me for being part of the older generation.

    I wonder which aisle is the most fruitful?

    It's all a bit of fun really , I suspect my pulling chances were I interested would be low.

    When I got my gender identity, they were on a two-for-one special offer.

    Senseless thingd: fishing at Tesco

  5. Finding romance among the tins of Roses, love beside the loo rolls, don't quite see it myself though i'm sure Mills and Boon have published a story where it happens.

  6. Despite a lifetime as a voracious reader I have yet to read a Mills and Boon title. Have I missed out on an education?