Thursday, 7 July 2011

Another coming out story

    I had cause to come out to my boss today. My new boss, that is, my old boss who I came out to last September sadly having moved on to pastures new.
    My new boss is at a higher level in the organisation, an extremely efficient and fearsomely intelligent lady who runs our entire product division. And since I have a pile of absences in my calendar for medical appointments, my counselor, the GIC, and my gender psychiatrist I needed to explain them to her. Fortunately she's someone who has a reputation for standing up for her employees and I am happy to be quietly open about my gender issues so coming out to her didn't present a problem for me.
    Unfortunately when I asked for an extra chat as part of our first weekly meeting she expected something completely different. It seems I've made something of an impression over the last few months, I've delivered the goods in doing my little niche job and she's rather pleased with the results. I've also made no secret of my past in the dotcom-era so she expected me to say I'd found another job and was about to move on.
    So I think my telling her I was gender dysphoric came as something of a relief to her.

    Damn, I should have asked her for a raise while I was at it.


  1. Slipped up there!

    Think of the shoes you could have bought!

  2. Oh well better luck next time. :-)

    Lucie xx

  3. a good reputation and a good boss- gosh, well done on the one and lucky you on the other...

  4. Good to hear that your chat with your boss went well. While society generally has a long way to go, it's encouraging to hear stories like this.

  5. Golden opportunity missed. Never mind, your job looks safe! It must come as a relief to you knowing that your boss is 'on side' so to speak.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  6. :) What more is there to be said...

    Well done,

  7. Evening all, what with Sparkle and a rather unexpected situation to deal with this week I've rather neglected this place in the last few days.

    Well it's a week later, I've had my second weekly meeting with her and still haven't managed to cock it up!

    Seriously though, one of the things I'm most thankful for is that I know if everything went wrong at least it wouldn't go wrong with respect to my employer. Very good to know.