Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Boy, the Girl, and the Babe Magnet

    My friend C has a sports car, a mid-engined MG TF, of which he is inordinately proud. It's a fun little two seater, far too cramped for me but if small sports cars are your thing it's the business.
    He was very disappointed then when he took his then girlfriend to the seaside in it and she demanded that he drive it at no more than 40 miles per hour. It seems he hadn't considered that the slipstream of a small convertible car would ruin her hairstyle.
    Funny, the idea that the 'right' car can be the mythical 'babe magnet'. Even funnier that it once worked for me, a young lady of my acquaintance years ago was very anxious to be taken out by me in the Wreck because it's got lots of chrome and looks rather cute, but dropped me like a hot potato when she saw my daily at the time, a Leyland Sherpa van. And I thought she was captivated by my charm!
    Since I started venturing out into the world presenting as female, I have started to appreciate some of the finer points of female affinity for cars. When your clothes aren't suited to motor oil and your hair and makeup took an age to get just right, of course you want a comfortable, safe, reliable and above all clean environment to travel in.
    Maybe all blokes should try their hand at going out in girl mode, as part of their 'Babe Magnet 101' course.

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  1. In the good old days of open top tourers and sports cars, I am talking late fifties through the sixties here, most girls would wear a headscarf. Not exactly a fashionable item these days but I guess it all depends on the girl, her hairstyle and if she's bothered!

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. As a youngster, I thought that being really proficient at driving was a good way of getting the girls. Of course, to this 17 or 18 year old, "being really proficient" meant "really, really fast" ... (And by being smooth; I was smoother in my driving than in my efforts to pick up the ladies...) Seriously, I could (and still can do) many miles in less time than Mere Mortals [harrumph... ;-) ].

    All that happened was that my mates refused to let me be the designated driver; I scared them. :-)

  3. I live in fear of having a breakdown en femme.

    In girl mode I have to restrain myself from popping the hood and making a quick carb adjustment.

    I make sure whatever ride I take that day has been gassed and oil checked earlier in guy mode. Though necessity has occasionally found be pumping gas in heels.

  4. In my research I have found that the Mercedes SLK works very well. A very pretty car, open top for pootling along the seafront and a no messing about electric hard top for the journey home at normal speed with two hundred odd horsepower - and being modern it is rather reliable so ideal for girl mode.

  5. Well we all know that Phil Lynott got it right, the ultimate babe magnet has two wheels! :)

    I decided a while back that the girl and the Wreck were not going to mix just yet. It'll happen one day and I'll cope, but for now the reliability of the Rollerskate is a girl's best friend.

    True, the modern hard-top convertibles are light years ahead of ragtops in the convenience stakes.

  6. I love my soft-top, but i also drive slower with the top down. Ive got one of those wind deflector things behine me but it doesnt stop my hair from flying around everywhere if i go fast.

    Also mine is an electric roof which is a god send, my dad has a MX5 and he spends 2mins taking the roof down and buttoning it back...

    Me? I just flick a switch lol