Friday, 19 August 2011

The Wreck on parade

   Time for an outing into petrolhead country. I took a look back to the post I wrote a year ago about the regular trip to a car show C and I make at  this time of year. I was struggling with a noisy girl and worrying about keeping its effects from my wife.Nothing much changes, does it. This week has been especially annoying as we've had a major product launch at work, with all its associated stresses.
    Anyway, never mind all that! It's time for that car show again, and this time we're not going in C's transporter, C and I are going in our respective automotive follies. His is both newer and faster than the Wreck, but then he's got further to drive in the day and since he gets frustrated by being stuck behind slow vehicles I don't envy him his sports car. The Wreck does the same speed as the trucks, which makes for restful long-distance motoring.
    I can't say I'm looking forward to a weekend of hiding the girl. It's not about presenting as female, but having to keep the bloke facade up. At work for instance I'm my everyday big scruffy bloke, but because most of my female colleagues know all about me I no longer have to pretend. Unfortunately this weekend I won't have that luxury and I must be careful not to let it get to me. Much weak Continental beer will no doubt be drunk and much rubbish will be spouted on the subject of automotive tat, so with luck I'll manage to keep my brain occupied. Interestingly I've seen some amateurish crossdressing at previous events, I wonder whether they've heard the adage about people who seem to do it a little too often.
    So my peers get to see the Wreck in all its faded glory. It's an unusual model of a well-known British car so it should attract some attention from the cognoscenti. It'll be rather good for once to have my own car with me, it seems like a very long time that it's been "It'll be ready next year".
    On Sunday morning I'll emerge from my tent, looking a mess. One thing's new, previously I haven't had long hair. Better pack the shampoo.


  1. Well you can't allow your hair to get dirty now can you? Enjoy your weekend Jenny even if you feel it is the wrong mode.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. Have a great weekend! And enjoy the fact that your car works (not that I am still jealous or anything ;p)


  3. Hope you had a great weekend. I admire you so much for coping with all that dual role stuff. I can't begin to imagine how it feels, but it mustn't be easy. I moved jobs and house at the start of my transition, I seem to have had a charmed life, relatively speaking.


  4. Morning all, and my apologies it's been so long. This week seems to have been rather busy.

    Well it was a good weekend on the whole. C and I sat and talked oily stuff with a bunch of lads half my age, drank too much cider, sat in the sun with the Wreck. And I had a major down moment on the Sunday afternoon, the familiar feeling of being an outsider, not part of it even though I was very much at one with the machinery.

    Yes, being the girl while keeping up the boy gets kinda annoying at times.

    I did have a good long chat with C though. He's my best friend, I've known him for over twenty years and he's known about Jenny for over a year now. He's never met me in Jenny mode, though the upshot of our conversation is that could change. Something I think is important as I want him well-prepared should I fail in my endeavours to hang in there for my wife. Still somewhat scary though.