Monday, 31 October 2011

...I've said too much.

    So you're in a conversation with a natal female friend, and she mentions something in passing that relates to fashion, or clothing. You know, girl stuff. And you forget for a moment that to her you're just another scruffy bloke, and venture an opinion that owes something to experience rather than to guesswork.
    Or as happened to me this lunchtime, you're sitting in the main public thoroughfare at work with your colleagues, and a colleague who has made a spectacular sartorial faux pas walks by out of earshot, and without thinking you say "Oh dear, wrong skirt!". You've said too much.
    It's funny, because most of my female colleagues know all about me. My male colleagues though don't, and must be in danger of having me pegged as something of a meterosexual by now. Scruffy, into cars and bikes, married to a gorgeous wife, yet long haired and notices women by their clothing rather than their other attributes.
    I have to watch that people watching thing, it'll be my undoing. Mind you, it's not as if that matters, in my industry nobody will care too much. I do have to consider how far I want it to go though.
    I don't care, I'd happily be girl all the time by now, but I have to think of my wife. To her it matters, she's been great all along but I could so easily puncture her buffer zone.
    Today being Halloween, I'm sure some of my American friends will have taken the opportunity to unleash their female alter egos on the world. We don't do that, so no funny costumes today in the office. But something struck me about it earlier that made me laugh. If we did the Halloween thing here, I wouldn't be taking part, it's too close to home. Silly, ain't it.


  1. I just wasted ages trying to find an apposite quote from some clevertrousered lit person, along the lines of "What was sport to Marvell was life and death to Donne". Or something. Which is kind of similar to what you are saying and I recognise.

    Your meterosexuality got me thinking of meteorosexuality, which is presumably finding Michael Fish sexy.

  2. No it's having your head up in the stars whilst bumping into other people's sensibility Dru. Oh how difficult it must be for you Jenny. Say the first thing that comes into your head and it can land you straight in it but you are just acting (?) naturally. How far can that go before it is noticed?
    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. Yea, gotta be careful about what costume to wear; might be to great and accurate, plus you wear it better than anyone else would.

  4. Jenny, I am so with you on this one. My colleagues probably think the same of me. No long hair but I certainly come across with obvious femme and male sides. The male side is the act. The female side is suppressed but once in a while (more like several times a day) it comes out.

    As for Halloween, don't do it. Never have. Can't see the point. I'm not a CD.

  5. I no longer have a scareally cheap and horrible wig to wear so I couldn't complete a Halloween costume even if I wanted to.
    I did a few years ago find myself coming out with an informed statement and then deciding to add "or so i've read" as if that would cover it up ;-)

  6. Morning all, yet again sorry for the delay responding.

    Part of me is tempted to be reckless on this front. How far could I push it as a scruffy bloke exhibiting female characteristics? Probably quite far, but I'd better not.

    Calie I can see why you don't do Halloween etc, for you crossdressing is not a release. I consider myself as someone who crossdresses so I wouldn't avoid it on that front, more that the release might be a little too obvious.

    I suspect Michael Fish might already have something of a fan club. Hang on, where's that Tribe of Toffs 7"...