Friday, 28 October 2011


    In amateur radio parlance, an 'old-timer' is someone who's been involved in the hobby for a quarter century. Back when I still had a current licence, the old-timers were the WW2 generation, they'd sit on 80 metres and talk about their allotments or the war. They were, to my young eyes, impossibly old.
    So it is with some distress that I note my near quarter century since passing my licence examination.
    Better an OM if not a YL than an SK I guess.

    QSB? K


  1. I guess that makes me an OL, since I passed that quarter-century mark some time back.

    But shhhhhhh... don't tell anyone.

  2. Thanks all :)

    Every now and then I get the itch to have a go again, but then I take a look and don't see any magic. I might once have persevered with my Morse and done HF QRP (low power) from a one transistor Altoids tin transmitter just for the challenge, but I guess my tech sensibilities have moved on.

    Perhaps another 25 years, at which point my G7 will be viewed with great awe :)