Thursday, 19 January 2012

Everybody's an expert

    You soon find when you embark on a treatment such as laser hair removal that you are bombarded with advice. Your practitioner has got everything wrong it seems, all your hairs are going to go white, you'll end up with an interesting pattern of indelible red marks on your face, it'll take far more treatments than necessary if you do it that way. And many more permutations of that theme.

    There's an important thing to remember when faced with such a confusing array of views.

Number of procedures of which the person offering advice has experience: ONE.

Number of procedures of which your laser practitioner has experience: MANY THOUSANDS.


  1. I hope you are enjoying a brief period of smoothness before the regrowth of dormant hairs. A nice taste of joy to come...

  2. Enough said eh Jenny? Don't forget to take out insurance in case it all goes wrong....LOL

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. The other thing they'll tell you is that your chosen method of laser treatment isn't half as good as theirs. In my case it's definitely worked on the sides of my face, under my chin and on my chest.

    Hope it goes well for you too.

    Angie xx

  4. At least you don't have a load of people telling you how painful Electrolysis was for them. That is the route I have taken and every hair on my face has a different pain level just as every person I speak to tells of a different experience. However, the feel of the smooth patches that are developing is worth every bit of pain. Enjoy the experience!

  5. Seems I've touched a nerve with this one! :)

    I'd forgotten the "My laser's better than your laser" line.

  6. I personally don't know the first thing about such treatments but thats not going to stop me. You kinda know whose worth listening to anyway so what I would say is mere white noise :-)
    Lucie xx