Monday, 2 January 2012

New year lethargy

    Right now, I could use a holiday. "You've just had one!" I hear you say, but no, I mean a holiday. As in sun, sea, sand et cetera. And as unquestioned girl, too.
    It always hits me at this time of year, a lethargy. Interestingly something raised by my GIC blood test may provide an answer, I don't get enough light on my skin to break down some of the light-sensitive chemicals my liver sees fit to provide an excess of in my blood. I should try to catch a few more rays, but with a date with the laser on the horizon I'm doing my best to avoid the sun.
    So I'm sitting here, knackered. As is so often the case, some other blog pieces depress me a little. I've written a couple over the last week but not published them, they sound too petulant. Still, writing in any form is cathartic.
    Last Friday was spent walking in the Chilterns with these two, great to find two others smitten with a love of Ordnance Survey maps. Surprisingly, afternoon tea in the rain on a soggy canal bank can be rather fun. And New Years Eve was spent drinking rosé from a box with my wife and our friend R. So it's not been doom and gloom here, more a lack of get-up-and-go.
    I received a letter from the specialist I saw at my last GIC appointment. Summarising our discussion, no surprises. I should have news of my counselling dates before too long. Having something happening at last has been of benefit to me, I find I'm sleeping without medication for the first time in a couple of years.
    So my apologies if you've not heard from me much, I've been a lax emailer or blog commenter. Call it hibernation, and hope I found my buried cache of hazelnuts or something!


  1. I was just thinking that I need a holiday to recover from the holidays. As nice as this time of year can be, it can also a difficult time. So many activities, so much to do and the inevitable post-holiday let down. For those of us who are more affected by lack of sunlight, it's even more difficult. Too bad doctors can't write us prescriptions for a couple of weeks in the sunshine.

  2. Probably those chemicals to which you refer are actually vitamin D which is produced by the skin when in sunlight. Eskimos get theirs through the fish they eat that's why fish is good for you, especially oily fish. This time of year is not exactly noted for its fine weather and lately it hasn't been that good. a little bit of sunshine, as we are getting here at the moment does make one feel good. However I feel that it isn't really the weather that is making you feel this way, it is more likely the dysphoria lurking in the background and a desire for things which seem impossible. All things are possible though Jenny, nothing is beyond the reach of those who make the effort. I don't do the new year wishes thing but I do wish you well in whatever comes your way, whenever that happens to be. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. Well, you can send some of your gloomy skies, hopefully with rain in them, our way. Been nothing but sunny skies, day after day after day. Such is life in California when there is a drouth every few years and this year may be one of them. Other years it may be nothing but rain day after day.

    Happy New Year, my friend. Hang in there.

    Umm....Rose from a box? I mean...seriously?

    Calie xxx

  4. Morning all, and thanks for your comments. Feeling a bit more with-it now.

    I take a vitamin D supplement, this is something different. My liver doesn't break down red blood cells properly, leaving me with a higher-than-normal level of a liver chemical which is the light-sensitive bit. 1 in 20 of us have this, it seems.

    The wine was from a bag-in-box. Better value than 3 or 4 bottles. Surprisingly good for cheap plonk as it happens. Sorry though, Australian not Californian.

    We're short of water here too. You should hear the farmers complaining!