Sunday, 13 February 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the loo yesterday

    Yesterday afternoon found me at my local Tesco store, picking up some supplies. Needing a quick toilet break, I diverted myself in that direction.
    The loos at this store are at the end of a short hallway. Facing you are two doors, ladies on the left, gents on the right. As I approached them a middle aged lady emerged from the left hand door, and politely held it open for me. I smiled apologetically and made my way into the gents. Blimey, I must be getting good at this girl thing, she could tell even though I had three days worth of stubble on my face in preparation for a really smooth shave for the support group meeting!
    Poor thing, she was probably mortified at her unconscious mistake. It did make me laugh, but not at her. I would like to think that she would have been tolerant enough to have held the door open for me had I been presenting female.


  1. Jenny
    Everyone keeps telling you that size does not matter if you look right. Perhaps you might be starting to realise this for yourself. Really pleased to hear about situations like this that confirm who you really are.

  2. That one did make me smile.

    I sometimes find myself stopping in front of toliets and actually thinking about where I should be going.

    My brain is truly muddled

  3. This is something of a test. I used to use either depending. For decades I quickly used what I considered the wrong one and wondered just what guys thought of this long haired androgynous creature in their midst, I never made eye contact so could not read their reactions.

    The moment I started to declare myself to the world it was the girls loo only and my size does not seem to have caused any alarm.

    Shoulders back and confident smile!

    Caroline xxx

  4. @ Caroline is right--good attitude always helps.

    I have never had some one question me once I was on my way. It took 6 years before I bumped into my ex while I was washing my hand in a restroom of the movie theater. I just said hello and smiled and my daughter said that when she got home and told her, she just laughed about. Feelings are melting away and good things are happening.

  5. Trying not to burst your bubble but perhaps you are reading too much into the old dears' 'mistake.' Many old folk do silly things like putting the sugar bowl into the fridge and the milk into the cupboard. She may have simply opened the door or held it open through force of habit. On the other hand she may quite well have assumed you were female. It would be nice to think so. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

  6. Hello everyone, and thanks for your comments.

    There is absolutely and unambiguously no way she mistook me in any way to be female. I wish! When I do bloke I do it very well indeed. :) It was just a momentary lapse on her part that as a trans person amused me mightily.