Monday, 21 February 2011

Spend Jenny's tax refund

    Woohoo! I have just received a cheque from the taxman! Nice, until you realise it was my money in the first place.
    Over two years ago I had a period of gardening leave, the company I was working for at the time downsized rapidly in the recession and I found myself out of work. A lean spot for us, my wife supporting us for a few weeks before I found a bit of freelance work. I didn't bother with the dole, calculating correctly that the chance of freelancing would serve me better.
    The resulting upset to our finances has taken those two years to iron itself out, and my tax overpayment from the job I found after freelancing is only now being refunded. It's not a fortune but it's more than a packet of crisps.
    So, I have a little bit of spare cash and two things I might put it towards. Do I eventually spend it on beard lasering or a custom last for my outsize feet? The former means losing the scratchy beard growth, the rashes, sore skin and spots, the latter means being able to source any shoes I desire in my otherwise almost unobtainable size. Tough choice.
    What do you think?


  1. Some choice eh? It is nice to receive anything back from the Taxman even if it was yours to begin with! I hope you choose wisely, maybe buy a little something for Mrs in response to her lovely gesture of a ring? Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. Good point Shirley Anne but for me it would be laser laser laser !!


  3. You know that Louise bought a home IPL machine, chat to her about how good it is, could loose the scratchy and save a fortune.

    Caroline xxx

  4. I've got serious doubts about the efficacy of home hair removal systems... I'd say go for the face, because you don't take that off at night. Bu then my feet are mere size 10s.

  5. I never claim any dependents or deductions until it's time to file my taxes for the year, so I always get a nice refund each year. It helps ease the pain of having to spend a couple of hours filing each spring.

    I vote for incinerating the facial follicles.

    Melissa XX

  6. i wonder if you know anyone who might have cheap access to laser? (i would maybe go for the shoes... but then i am a bit of a dandy, and you are the one who has to live with your face being seen every day!)

  7. Jenny
    As Caroline said, I am using a home IPL machine right now. It is working well on my body but I have left it too late in life for it to remove all the face hairs as some are now grey. If yours are at all dark, go for an IPL machine. E-mail me and I can discuss this with you in more detail.

    Tax return and a diamond ring in a week, you must be doing something right.


  8. What a nice surprise !! He doesnt often give refunds.

    I would say go for the laser. It makes a huge difference.
    I know Louise has had a good result but I would say from my understanding for facial hair you really need the right laser and power setting combined with the application by someone who will use it correctly. Lasers and the focal lensare at there max power depending on the lens. Much movement away from that will reduce the power and as such energy transfer down the hair hugely. This will impact the effectiveness of the killing of the hair root/ severance with its blood supply.
    The colour of your hair is also important. Heat is transmitted down dark hairs efefctively. This is not the case with light hairs.


  9. Morning all, thanks for your sage advice.

    I have the advantage of still being a scruffy bloke in my daily life so I don't have the imperative to remove the beard that a soon-to-be full-time girl might.

    I thus see the shoes as more important to presenting female, the beard's a PITA but I can shave. Le Dame do shoes in my size but only in styles that sell, and their customers mostly seem to have more flamboyant tastes than mine.

    That said, the value of losing the beard, just to general well-being, can not be underestimated.

    So as you see, a difficult choice. I'm erring on the side of footwear at the moment.

    For my face I definitely want laser rather than IPL, and I think it's not something I'd want to do at home. I've found my laser clinic, all I'd have to do would be book them.

  10. ...And I meant to say but forgot, worry not that I am neglecting Mrs. J in all this, all under way!

  11. I agree, if you were going full time girl and if that were soon I'd say Laser first. Right now you can shave but have little choice in footwear so footwear you like and feel good in is the priority I guess.

  12. First off, it looks like I owe big time this year (I may just not file, and hope next year balances out), so I'm insanely jealous of your refund. :)

    Having said that, I definitely say laser. I've seen the results with friends and it is amazing. If I had the money, it'd be #1 in my expenses.

  13. My only worry is: which style do I go for first? Because unlike the girl faced with an mere high street of shoes that fit, my choice is infinite!

  14. ...but then again, I am feeling a little beardy at the moment...