Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It's International Women's Day today!

    Yesterday was International Women's day. Cue all the part time feminists of the chattering classes to come out of the woodwork for a bit of man-bashing over imagined injustice to themselves, and all the lad-mag readers to act in stereotypically low-foreheaded style in response. Sigh. "Why isn't there an International Man's Day?" they ask, as if to produce an example of injustice. Since a very quick Google search tells anyone with a bit of curiosity that there is such a day, draw your own conclusions as to their intelligence.
    Personally I find the whole thing annoying. Ooh look, the girls have their own day on which women's collectives can stage ethnic dance festivals in the street and everyone can witter aimlessly about how disadvantaged women are in the Third World!
    It would all mean something, except today, the day after, it's back to business as usual.
    I saw a statistic yesterday, that only 7% of reported rape cases involving women victims in the UK result in a conviction. Not encouraging, is it.
    For statistics like that to change we don't need yesterday to be International Women's Day. We need every day to be an International Women's Day.


  1. A fulltime feminist of any class couldn't have said it better. :-)

  2. It would make sense to me if I actually knew any 'International women'!...LOL. Another of those silly meaningless special days like, grandmothers day, grandfathers day, world peace day (what happens the rest of the time?), national joke day (that would be a good one if ironic). Why not make every day special by living good lives?

    Shirley Anne xxx

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. How dumb are these guys? every day is international mens day! Sad but true.

    Caroline xxx

  4. Heavens no, lumped in with the fulltime feminists? But... I spend part of my time as a myn! :)

    Just saying the self-evident really.

    Awareness days are not without worth. This one though does at times seem to have lost its way.

    I'm not sure I'd agree that every day is international men's day. International rich men's day, perhaps, but the Man In The (first world) Street has never been more under fire. Left behind in education, his traditional economic power slowly eroding while he still struggles under a tremendous expectation to succeed, he's not in quite the enviable position he once was. He may not fully realise it, but he's being stepped on too. Blame him for his failings by all means, but blaming him for the sins of his fathers can only be a counter-productive cause of resentment.

    I'm not just saying this because I have a brain from the girl parts bin: if I was about to be born in today's UK and I had the choice, I wouldn't choose to be born a bloke.