Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Petrol, or cider?

    Here in southern England there is an expectant feeling in the air. Spring is about to happen in a big way and it's as though the whole world knows it but everybody's waiting for someone else to start the process. The days are bright and the sunshine feels warm, but the air is still a bit chilly and buds are firmly closed.
    I normally have a couple of tasks at this time of year, bringing my motorcycles and the Rusty Old Wreck out of hibernation and racking the previous year's cider. One leaves me smelling of petrol, the other of yeast. I'm pleased to report that the bikes both still work and the cider, while a bit rough with youth, shows promise and hasn't turned into vinegar.
    The Rusty Old Wreck, however, is still off the road. My mission has become to get it through an MOT (British mandatory roadworthiness test) before the end of the month. To that end I need to get it a new set of tyres, refit its interior and adjust its brakes. Surely that is achievable!
    So I've got some work ahead of me. Spring means another milestone for me, it usually marks the end of my winter low. I hope I'll be sleeping better over the next few weeks, and getting less stress.
    The picture was taken on Sunday afternoon. The orchard is still dormant, despite the carpet of spring flowers.


  1. Spring is beginning to show on this side of the pond too. Here in the Piedmont, the trees are finally budding. I drove into Richmond, about 40 miles east of here yesterday afternoon, and notice some willows already beginning to show little bits of green foliage. Further into town, I found purple wild flowers blooming on the western most reaches of Monument Avenue's medium strip! We've survived the curse of winter, now if we can survive the severe spring thunderstorms and consequent occasional tornado, we'll be in good shape to endure the insufferable mid-Atlantic heat and humidity!

  2. We have the sun trying here - but the first early flowers dies when we had a sudden two day frost.

    I am looking forward to consistant 5 degree weather so I can get the nice summer tyres back on my car! My bike has been ran over winter (on the road when safe, and just ticking over in the garden when not) so should be ready to use (though I may service it first).

    Good luck with the wreck. Hopefully you'll be tootling along the country lanes soon enough (and making me *very* jealous!) ;p


  3. Here in the backwoods of Canada, this is the time when the temperature gets above freezing during the day, then back down below at night. That means Maple Sap Time! With a fair amount of work, that means Maple Syrup Time!! YUM!

    Spring is definitely in the air and no matter how it presents itself, it is very welcome. :)


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  5. I'm sure you'll get the bike MOT worthy as long as you lay off the cider! Methinks I'd rather be drinking the cider! It has been remarkably sunny and fairly warm of late where I live in Southport (20 miles north of Liverpool in the UK). I am wondering though, when will the wind and rain start up again?

    Shirley Anne xxx

  6. Well it hasn't gone away, Mrs J and I were shopping yesterday in Reading and it was beautiful sunny weather.

    Melissa, you're really selling the Virginia Piedmont! :)

  7. Lovely picture, Jenny. I hope the warmer weather brings an end to the winter low's.

    Calie xxx

  8. Thanks, yes we are in that last long mile. Still, t-shirt weather indoors at work today, so it can't be all bad.