Thursday, 9 June 2011


    It is now about six months since I last had a male haircut before coming out to my hairdresser and abandoning the buzz-cut I sported for most of my adult life. It is also about a year since I asked my doctor for Finasteride as a move towards preserving my hair should I find myself unable to stay as a bloke at some time in the future.
    On one hand, my hair has grown well. I've had several haircuts this year, to trim the edges and thin out the layers and even though it has grown longer my hairdresser's expert ministering to it has meant I have avoided the result looking too bad as it has become longer.
    On the other hand, it's at the frustrating stage at which I can start to see where it is going, but it is not long enough for my purposes. I can blow-dry it and tease as much life into it as I want, but it still doesn't quite look female enough. I'll be wearing the wig for a little longer I think. Sigh.
    Still, there is good news. Last year when I wrote about Finasteride I was pleased that I was seeing less loose hairs on my desk but I hadn't seen any evidence of returning hair where it had receded. I am pleased to report that sometime after Christmas, my wife noticed that a small mole that used to be outside the hairline now has hairs growing round it. Only a few millimetres advancement, but it is there, proof that something is working.
    No luck on the side-effects though. If I jump up and down I can imagine I have minor man-boobs but gynaecomastia it ain't. And to think, my doctor felt he had to warn me about that side-effect!


  1. For some people hair growth is a slow affair and for others it seems their hair grows so fast you can almost see it growing! Any growyh is good and especially in places that you thought you'd lost out on altogether. It helps if you don't cut it I think. Some say that cutting the hair encourages growth or by cutting the split ends helps but I think you'll find that a misnomer. It will make the hair look better if the split ends are trimmed but you have to ask why the hair is splitting in the first place. Mostly that is due to diet and mistreatment. My own hair has taken ten years to reach my shoulders enough to actually start resting on them! My ex's hair on the other hand has been cut from long to short a couple of times in the same period. Her hair grows faster than mine. Her hair tends to be greasy and needs frequent washing. Mine on the other hand tends to be dry. Perhaps there is a link here between greasy hair and fast growth. I think you are doing quite well from what you say, just be patient and soon enough you'll have it where you want it.
    Shirley Anne

  2. Mine's not particularly greasy. Damn, looks as if I'm in for a long wait.