Sunday, 19 June 2011

Perceptive postman

    My wife and I have just returned from an extended weekend spent with Lisa. We went shopping, we ate fine food, we hung out in student pubs, drank Aussie rosé and felt a little old compared to the other clientèle.
    Lisa is well on her way, every inch the successful and confident woman. She sweet-talked us into a table at one of her town's more hard-to-get-into restaurants, something I know would have been completely beyond me.
    On Saturday morning Lisa and my wife went off to the gym together leaving me curled up on the sofa watching DVDs. The postman called, bearing a couple of parcels our host had ordered from Amazon.
    A middle-aged midlander, he gave me a quizzical look when I answered the door. Oversized scruffy bloke in a Weebl and Bob t-shirt and shorts. I hope he didn't notice my red OPI-painted toenails.
    "Well you can't be Lisa, unless you've had the op!" he said.
    Trying not to laugh, I accepted Lisa's parcels. Very perceptive, our posties.


  1. Or not! Our Lisa is amazing!

  2. It had us in hysterics when we got back from the gym!!
    Glad you enjoyed the weekend.

  3. PS "Sweet talking " our way to that table is very generous of you. It could have been described as blagging it !! :-)

  4. Which ever way you did it Lisa, you did it! I prefer to think you sweet-talked your way inside.
    Jenny, now I wonder what the postman saw? Well obviously a nice looking woman, wouldn't you agree? Take it all as a compliment anyhow!

    Shirley Anne xxx

  5. I like this postmen see all sorts
    i like his quip you should of said no iam going the other way lol

    sounds like you used your feminaty well lisa the force is strong in this one me thinks you littel minx you lol

  6. I was at my scruffiest on answering the door, so if he noticed the toenails he didn't make reference to them. Fortunately being my size people tend to look upwards.

    I think Lisa brought the killer combination of a long career in cut-and-thrust sales and the full force of her feminine wiles to bear :)

  7. Now I appreciate that as a Californian and a wine buff to boot you might not be used to uncorking the Antipodean vintages, but over here we're rather partial to them.