Saturday, 13 February 2010

How to hold a handbag

Today we bought a new exercise bike, the bearing on our old one is finally wearing out. Standing in the showroom my wife wanted to try the new bike for size, so she handed me her handbag before taking to the saddle.

Without thinking I was about to slip it onto my shoulder girl-style when I suddenly realised I was the tallest and most noticeable bloke in a room full of bodybuilders and fitness fanatics.

Whoops! Sudden shift into the approved bloke method of carrying a handbag, forearm at right angles to body, grip the bag strap as though it was a power tool, let it hang as though I really had no clue why this feminine thing happens to be in my hand. Phew! Nobody noticed!

I'm reminded of the "I'm-definitely-not-gay" school of motorcycle pillion who sits so far back on the bike that a fast getaway leaves them on the tarmac. What's so scary about a damn handbag!

The new bike is bigger and more robust than its predecessor for a reason. I'm taking Calie's advice and cutting down on the porklife.


  1. Hehe... After the last few days of making small slip ups I know what you mean.

    I think that the fact that it's constantly on our mind not to appear too feminine makes us more self concious than we need to be.

    Mrs Stace has told me that yes I slip up occasionally, but the chances of anyone lookig and thinking anything of it are slim.


  2. That's rich! All those years of acting, and now you're forgetting your role. Whatever will we do with you?

  3. Maybe I should have pushed the envelope a little to see just what I could have got away with!

  4. Very funny and very true. I love it!

  5. ROTFL!! Been there, done that. Didn't buy the handbag, however.