Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lesson learned

"Do not drink alcohol when using this medication"

I should have bourne the above warning on the packaging in mind before taking my sedative last night about an hour after a pint and a half of real ale. This morning's workout was truncated through dizziness, now my head is full of mashed potato.

Stupid. Lesson learned.


  1. Perhaps it would make more sense if the booze were labelled 'Drink me instead of medication.'

    Centurion's Ghost and Poacher's Choice send me happily to sleep.

  2. It wasn't that kind of evening, but I can't quite remember what the beer was.

  3. You can't remember because of the booze? Or the pills :)

    Hope you get back to the land of the living soon!


  4. No, I just genuinely can't remember. Might have been Ringwood, not sure.

    A bracing lunchtime walk in the teeth of driving rain helped clear my mind, thanks.

  5. Almost died about a year ago doing that. Did a post about it...