Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I just can't help laughing

Normally I'm very sensitive to adverse comments about my size, and particularly to those which pertain to my feet. There is nothing quite as deliciously frosty as the atmosphere of sudden quiet in the saloon bar of the Dog and Duck just after the diminutive wisecracker has made some unfunny comment about the giant sized bloke's feet. I have a great line in instant-sobering mirthless smiles for just these occasions.
   But I'm afraid even I couldn't help laughing as I opened the parcel that arrived yesterday from BreastformStore UK and took out my first ever pair of size UK15 ladies shoes. Don't get me wrong, this is an extremely special moment for me as crossdressing milestones go, it's just you can't escape the fact that they're rather huge next to anything of a more familiar scale. My wife had a "Look, I'm a five year old walking around in adult shoes!" moment which only increased the level of hilarity.
    They're not quite the style I'd have wanted as the available range in size UK15 is extremely small, but they are a comfortable fit and once you get over their size they don't look too bad on my feet. Happy? I'd say so!
    In case you're curious, here they are. Like normal shoes, only a lot longer. Now I've got the shoe bug, I think I'm going to have to find more wardrobe space.


  1. No jokes from me, just happy that you have shoes in hand and on foot, and they fit! I was thrilled when my first pair arrived, then devastated when they were a terrible choice and the wrong size, and back they went.

    Next comes hair!

  2. Fortunately they provide a foot outline for each size as a PDF, so after a lot of experimenting with print settings to get the scale right I was able to verify they'd fit before ordering.

  3. I think it is wonderful you have got yourself a pair of shoes. hey look very comfy and perfect for the house. You have reminded me I could do with a new pair too! I hope you have hours and hours of enjoyment in them.

    Helen xx

  4. Hi Jenny. It's Shirley Anne aka Minkyweasel. You talk much about your size and from what I gather you are very relaxed about it. I suppose you don't have a choice but nevertheless when you can laugh about it well that is admirable. To be able to resign yourself to the fact that you'll never 'pass' as a cute little female even if you are one inside, is saying 'what the hell. I'm just getting on with it'. Size 15? Gosh they are big aren't they? You know Jenny, when I was in Thailand and about a week before I was to return home from my op. there was this woman from the States about to have the op. too. If I tell you she was 6'4" and weighed in at something like 280lb or mor and had huge feet too I wouldn't be telling lies. Her size meant nothing to her, she was going for it and never mind what people might say. I suppose she had been the butt of many jokes and that is so sad. I cannot understand why some people can't just live their own lives and leave others alone to get on with theirs. I hope you enjoy your new shoes. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

  5. @Helen: Believe me, I will! :)

    @Shirley Ann: The outer edge of physical size is both a blessing and a curse in this context depending what mood you find me in. In the main I come down on the side of "Blessing" though as while swimming through gender fog can be extremely rough at times I'm not entirely convinced I'd make enough of a success of transition to avoid significantly screwing things up both for me and those around me. Other tall girls have made it, not convinced I'd be one of them.

    The main thing is though to make the best of what you've got, have a laugh. Physical size makes you invincible, gives you great legs, and one hell of a presence in a dress!

  6. FLATS???? Lovely, however.

    I went to a shoe conversion chart. It topped out at UK size 13, so I couldn't translate that to sizes I can relate to.

    I love your sense of humor, Jenny.

    Btw, what you are reading is what my friend, Amy, refers to as a "Calie-Cluster". My way of catching up on blogs all at once and filing multiple comments.

    Calie xxx

  7. There's plenty of space in my wardrobe for heels, don't you worry. I just chickened out.

    Size UK15 is roughly US16.