Friday, 27 August 2010

Last day at work

    So that's me finished at my employer. All projects handed over or put to bed, my PC tidied up, my desk cleared. Goodbyes said to other people in the building, special farewell pub lunch eaten. As it was my last day I even had a pint of real ale with my food, something I never normally do at works meals because it makes me sleepy at work. So I was sitting in a pub drinking beer and listening to my young colleagues banter as they eyed up the women among the other customers. Gosh, how blokey!
    All pretty harmless but it underlined part of my needing to move. They're not unpleasant blokes at all and I've enjoyed working with them, but all the testosterone swilling about that office was getting irksome. I start at my new employer in a little over a week and it will be an extremely different environment, like moving from a pub to a library. Aside from the opportunity it offers by being spot-on for my specialism, I'll be dealing with a completely different kind of people. I don't expect to hear many conversations about webcam strippers, for instance.
     As I said my final goodbyes I was gripped with an insane desire to say "Oh, by the way, there's something I think you should know about me...", just to see the shocked looks on their faces. I must be careful to curb my mischievous urges, that would have done me no good at all.
     How marvelous, now I have a week off with my wife to look forward to. In no particular order, sleeping, shopping, hillwalking and making a fuss of the stray cat that has recently walked into the life of my friend C. Just what I need to lose the mountain of stress that has accumulated these last few weeks.


  1. Enjoy the break while you can, dear!

  2. Have a great weak off, and best of luck to you on your new job, Jenny.

    Melissa XX

  3. Enjoy your break. Hope you can get plenty of rest and sleep.

    Rachel X

  4. hope you have a smashing holiday. <3

  5. Thanks all. We're just off to catch a train this morning, we're going to do a section of the Ridgeway (, a neolithic trade route.

  6. Enjoy your week off, and good luck at the new place :)


  7. Thanks! I've just received a scary training schedule from them.