Friday, 3 December 2010

Passing ships in the day

    A few weeks ago I attended a meeting of t-girls in a pub near Reading with a couple of my friends from the Swindon TG Group. I meant to write about it then, but circumstances conspired against me. It all went very well, my female presentation was about as good as I could make it but I'm sure I wasn't fooling many people.
    In conversation at our table one of the regulars said she could always spot a cross-dresser in male mode. I challenged her, saying that she'd never guess me if she met me in the daylight, and she was slightly disappointed to discover that my only genetic advantage in all this is almost hairless arms.
    A few days ago I attended a technical event for people associated with my line of work. A big group of geeks in a room. My attention was drawn to one of our group as we debated the merits of data manipulation strategies and I was reminded of what my friend from the pub night had said. He had beautifully shaped eyebrows, no visible beard shadow  and even less arm hair than I do. A quick double-take ensued. No tell-tale nail varnish traces on the fingers (looks guiltily at own OPI Nail Envy clear-matt coated nails) and no other signs. But there was just something about him.
    No possible way of ever knowing of course. Calie wrote something similar a while back.But I think I just encountered someone else like me. I hope if so that she's at peace with it all. Who knows, maybe I'll bump in to someone new who looks a lot like him at some trans-event some time. I wonder if we'll recognise each other?


  1. My wife mentioned that a male co-worker at her company has very nice long nails. She would normally think nothing of it until recently....

    I told her that was strike one, have a look for other tells.


  2. I too have had that experience Jenny. It is uncanny isn't it? Maybe it's a spiritual thing. Once you get that feeling you automatically check for signs. There is a pub here in Southport and there is a girl serving behind the bar who is a post-op. transsexual. Whether she just works there I am not sure, I think she may be the proprieter or related to the same. I digress. A few years ago I was out and about in town and I chanced to go into the pub. I knew nothing of what I have just said, I was not long a post-op. myself and still a bit nervous of being clocked but when I went to the bar and ordered my drink I instinctively 'knew' that she was trans. but I couldn't verify my suspicions. I thought no more about it and I have not been back to the pub since but a couple of years ago somebody who knew about me asked if I had ever been in that pub. When I told them that I had they asked if I knew that a trans-woman worked there.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. It's too tempting to set the t-dar sensitivity too high though. I think I was safe in my guess the other day, he just had something about him.

    Comforting in a way, confirmation that we're just that little bit less alone.

  4. I would have to agree with your friend, Jenny. I can almost always spot a mainstream crossdresser.

    But, I'm not a CD and I do everything possible to maintain the facade. Funny how that works.

    I suppose some could see me in public and think "gay man" but I doubt anyone would ever see me in public as a CD.

    Thanks for the link to that post I did.

    Calie xxx

  5. Any time, it came to mind straight away.

    That's one thing size gives me, I can get away with the most outrageous things yet I very much doubt anyone has ever suspected me of anything.

  6. Can't say I have an effective t-dar, I think there's a loose wire somewhere inside, it either gives too many false readings or none at all.
    Sure i've had suspicions but like i'd never approach a woman and say "congratulations whens the baby due?" just in case ones wrong with total embarrassment all round.