Monday, 19 July 2010


    Australian politics must be very complex and impenetrable. A sentence in a post over at the Spectrum Cafe attempts to make some sense of the situation and, 107 words later, leaves me none the wiser.
With the election between Tony Abbott who infamously said he found Gays threatening and our first Woman Prime Minister and our first openly Athiest Prime Minister who ousted the elected PM Kevin Rudd because of the increasing loss of supporters to the left Minor Party the Greens and then announced policies that were a step a little further towards the right than Kevins and with the Greens increasing popularity likely to give them a balance of power in the Senate and perhaps end the influence of Religious Right party Family First this seems like a good time for reminding our representatives of our needs and our votes.
    I think there is an admirable sentiment lurking in there somewhere, but even my professional-content-cruncher's read buffer overflowed at about the 50 word mark. I am nevertheless impressed at the audacity of the poster for producing such a lengthy punctuation free offering in the name of lucid activist mass communication.


  1. its verse libre an homage to Don Marquis or possibly

    ee cummings

    though the line ends have been lost I wonder how my favourite limerick would go if that happened lets see there was a young man from japan who wrote verses that noone could scan when they told him twas so he replied yes i know but i always try to put as many words into the last line as i possibly can you see poetry sheer poetry

  2. Extra points for the use of lower case!

    My geeky brain dug this from its repository of useless 12 year old things:

  3. ....doesn't it remind you of David Foster Wallace?

  4. Not him again!

    I was thinking Proustian in it's audacity.

    My mind went completely blank when I read "religious right", arrrrrgh.

    Caroline xxx

  5. I wonder who the Mr or Ms Gays is that Tony Abbott found threatening. I hope I don't meet them on a dark night.

    Rachel X

  6. That's Religous Right with capitals .......I am more right with a small "r".

  7. That's Religous Right with capitals .......I am more right with a small "r".

  8. ... perhaps "Religious Right" is a brand of whiskey that the senate are all ways drinking causing them to make silly decisions ....

  9. One of my favourite quotes from American politics comes from Jesse Jackson: "The trouble with the Christian Right is they ain't the Right Christians".

    I'd love to know what a Religious Right party would be like. Would there be party games? A bar? A drag act perhaps.