Saturday, 10 July 2010

Manual dexterity

   Everyone has a few of those work skills you pick up as you go through life but somehow end up not needing. Some are obviously redundant, for example I can set up the convergence on a delta-gun CRT colour TV set (Really useful for those 1970s retro-tech parties I can tell you!), while others are useful but you've simply moved on, no longer doing that job.
   So here's my question: if I have the manual dexterity to hand-solder surface mount integrated circuits (<<1mm) why on earth do I have so many problems applying nail polish (>>10mm)?


  1. I can do neither, sadly. :(

    Perhaps you could put some polish on the tip of your soldering gun (and leave it the gun OFF, please) and do it that way. cheers!

  2. Oh god, yes please leave it off and unplugged :) Otherwise you are going to get quite a different result...


  3. Ditto eyeliner and mascara for me. I managed to poke myself in the eye the other day and I still have a bruise on my eyeball :-(


  4. My whole life seems to be redundant! Darn digital age!!

    Practice makes perfect, eventually even your left hand will obey your commands. there are different qualities of nail polish though I would not have expected you to have chosen a cheap one, right?

    None of my unvirtual girl friends has a clue about makeup! and I can't see close up with my one good eye without reading glasses so there is no hope of a glamorous look for me anytime soon. At least I now know that I am safe from bruised eyeballs.

    Caroline xxx

  5. LOL !!!

    Oh, I SO relate to this one!

    Calie xxx

  6. Caroline is right. Practice makes perfect. The more you do your nails, the better you get at it. Some prep work helps too. Smoothing down the ridges with a very fine grit, and buffing the nails first, makes the polish go on so much smoother, but you have to be willing to have shiny nails when you aren't wearing nail polish. Actually, it's a very nice look, even for a male.

    Some polishes are better than others. Some have very narrow applicator brushes. They won't hold enough polish to do anything but the narrowest nails, without having to dip back into the bottle, which is something you don't want to do, since it's almost guaranteed to make a mess out of your nail. Quick-dry top coats are a great help too. They dry your polish to a hard finish in just one minute, so you don't have to be afraid to touch anything for an hour.

    Melissa XX

  7. How well do you solder with your other hand? LoL.

    Suzie x

  8. Its because nail polish is a lot more important than electrical things !
    I thought all girls knew that.

  9. I cheat and use the stick-on, ready-painted ones. Because my own nails never reach a length to cope with proper polish!

  10. @Teagan, Stace: I'm pretty sure one of the few parts of my hands I've never burned over the years with a soldering iron are my fingernails. I suspect that would hurt :)

    @Rachel: Ouch! I have never managed to bruise my eyeball with a cosmetic applicator, but carefully collecting up the black smudges from my eyeball afterwards is a routine procedure.

    @Caroline, Melissa: I've definitely been giving myself ample practice :) And it has paid off, I'm less inept than I once was. In terms of the quality of polish, I have tried all levels, from to-die-for down to what the teenagers buy in Tesco. I find the quick dry stuff dries a little quicker than I can apply it.

    @Suzie: Badly. It doesn't get hot enough.

    @lisa: You know you're taking this girl thing seriously when you can say that and mean it :)

    @MorningAJ: Sadly the stick-on variety don't come in larger sizes. I can heartily recommend Stop-n-grow bitter tasting paint as a nail-biting aid though, if that's your problem. For someone in my day-to-day drab it also offered the golden opportunity for a shameless display of nail-painting at work.

    I'm sure there's a bloke solution to this. Something involving lots of masking tape and Halfords spray paint...

  11. @Calie: sorry, I missed your comment in the melee! Somehow I thought you'd appreciate this one.