Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hit the buffers

    I guess it had to come after so much happening in such a short time. I've hit the buffers, I need a rest, my creative fire has been all but extinguished. Code has not flowed easily from my keyboard, a couple of promising blog posts have languished half-written in the Blogger back-end, and I need to get some serious sleep.
    In a short while I'll be launching into the madness of a British trunk road at rush-hour, I think I'll make a detour on my way home to pick up some comfort food. I feel as if I've earned it. I've come a hell of a long way in the last couple of weeks.


  1. Enjoy the food, you've earnt it!


  2. I hope you had something nice. Pizza, chips, a kebab?

    Rachel XXX

  3. Thanks! Fresh pasta and meatballs as it happens. Which was very nice. And we went round to see my local friend Dawn who is always something of a rock in these crises.

  4. I understand you completely, and am in a similar situation. Watch the stress levels, changing job puts a strain on too-----I'll now return to my comfort food :)