Friday, 10 February 2012

Asset review

    When MtF trans people of whatever hue get together,  they will often talk about the same stuff. Body hair removal, for instance. A common response I elicit at this point is one of envy from those who are undergoing painful full body laser treatment, because I am fortunate enough to naturally not have much to laser. A patch of hair on the chest, that's it.
    I'll usually respond with a jokey "Well you've got petite size 9 feet you B**ch!", because the chances are they'll be sporting a to-die-for pair of boots that will simply never be seen in a size 15.
    It's something to consider, isn't it. We all dwell on our worst points, how about our best points? I have almost defined myself by my size, but here I am with an enviable lack of body hair.
    I should remind myself, I'm lucky enough to have a slim figure, great legs, and thick slightly curly hair that I've had natal women envy since I've grown it out.
    You should do the same, list your assets first. It don't 'arf make you feel better!


  1. Jenny
    The other positive thing that I concentrate on is anything that I have control of. I can't control my height or the size of my feet. However, I can stay slim to allow me to wear size 10 skirts, I can remove facial hair (albeit at huge cost) and I can work hard to have a female voice. Aside from acting as a welcome distraction, woring on things that you have control of makes you feel good.

  2. I think one of the best assets you can have is a contentment that you are being authentic. It's great finding things that fit and look good, and many of us will always have our dead give-aways lurking, but hey, this is what and who I am, and it's good.

  3. This was a good idea for a post, not I'm feeling all happy about myself : )

    I'm lucky enough to have small feet, be quite short, have very little body hair, and I really like my legs (I get a lot of compliments on my butt!)

  4. This is nice and upbeat Jenny. You have much to be proud of. None of us are perfect, even the natal among us, so it is nice to know we can still have an advantage in some things. Make the most of what you've got because what you haven't got doesn't matter!

    Shirley Anne xxx

  5. Jenny,

    thank you for pointing out a positive direction for thoughts about physical features.

    You’ll probably have come across the question: “if there would be an effective pill or remedy to adjust ones mind to ones body, would you take it?”
    My answer would be: ”no”, because that is the part of myself I like best even if it’s causing me a lot of trouble to come together with all of me and the rest of the world.

  6. Such a lovely post Jenny and so positive. Girl's nights out and trips with friends to th beauty salon often centre around conversations about bits of ourselves we dislike, and these are natal women. Your post made such a refreshing change :)


  7. So, let me get this straight. By your definition, my lack of much body hair, thin frame, thick hair...but size 12 shoes would not qualify me as a B**ch...right?

  8. A packed train from Paddington one day after visiting the Blessed Russell meant I stood with two gay chaps as far as Reading, exchanging tales of what we were happy about with our bodies, and what we wanted to change.... er, hrumph..... -diff'rent strokes etc :-)

  9. Morning all, and thanks for your comments.

    I'm sure we've all at some point hung up on our negative points, this is my fight-back.

    The old 'magic pill' question? Without question if there was a 'bloke pill' I'd take it. Mrs. J is worth it.

    Bitch is as bitch does ;)