Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy 52nd, Wreck!

    It's a bit of a milestone tomorrow. On the 1st of March 1960, a couple down in Devon bought a new car. 35 years later they sold it to my mate B who is the World Expert on Rusty Old Wrecks, and since he had no space for an extra Wreck but had to save it from the crusher, he sold it to me.
    And though my stewardship hasn't been perfect it's still in one piece, more importantly it's on the road. It starts on the button, its engine has a reliable cooling system, and thanks to the Magic Can Of Stuff it doesn't drink oil any more. What more could you wish for from a car!
    Winter is fading away from Southern England. The roads are dry, they are no longer salting them and it's just about safe do take the Wreck out without harming it. I have a road trip to make on Saturday as it happens, off to sunny Berkshire.
    Now here's my quandary. I'd like to ditch the scruffy bloke for the day, because in the case of the people I'm meeting I can do that. I have no worries doing stuff as girl or driving anywhere, but I've always done so in the Rollerskate. It's modern and anonymous, I can trust it not to break down. The Wreck by comparison is an unknown quantity. And a conspicuous choice at that, people look at you when you drive a Wreck. It should make a couple of hours drive each way with no worries, but there is always that frisson of doubt. What if it suffers a terminal mishap, would I want to be stranded as girl? I guess it's something of a Real Life Test, as if I were full-time I'd have no choice.
    In reality there's not much I can't fix on a Wreck by the roadside. And the differences between boy and girl in jeans and a jumper are fairly minor, a makeup wipe, a surreptitious removal of a little padding, and perhaps a quick-change to a scruffier jumper. So whatever happens I'll deal with it.
    But it is another confidence test, and whether it's one I have the courage to take I guess I'll be able to tell you on Saturday.


  1. Stop faffing about Jenny and go girly for the trip, you know you want to! Hope the wreck doesn't let you down both mechanically and as a head turner too! You'll love the attention.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. Take some spare clothes and some wipes, but do your very best not to use them. If you break down its no big deal, we've all been there and been worried but bottom line is that nobody really cares.

    The AA man will just want to get to his next job and wont be bothered what u are wearing im sure.

    Do it! Xoxoxoxox

  3. If it comes to it I am sure that you will Triumph in adversity...

    Hope it is a good day.

  4. I'm guessing I should be hoping the wreck breaks a confidence builder? safely, cross your fingers and toes, and have a good time.

    Calie xxx

  5. Hope it all went well. Driving an unusual car and being a girl is usually a plus with the guys. My experience is, if you're confident, you can work anything to your advantage, including being a girl who can fix her automobile all by her self,

    Robyn Jane xx

  6. Evening all,
    In the end I took the Rollerskate instead. Rain was on the cards, and the Wreck's a little leaky in places. Still had a productive day as a Woman Driver thoug!