Monday, 13 February 2012

Crunch crunch, saw saw, code code

    All the clichés of the British media have been wheeled out, it's been a snowy weekend hereabouts! Pretty cold as it happens, we had a -14 celcius frost a few nights ago.
    I spent most of the weekend at my parents place. Watched our resident fox nosing around in the field, threw him an apple. And spent a load of time in the orchard, pruning apple trees. As always a restful occupation, this time with the added fun of drawing large patterns in the snow dragging branches across the field. The harvest seems a long way away, but in eight weeks it'll be nearly blossom time. I should have finished the pruning earlier.
    So that's the crunch crunch and the saw saw part. The coding came later, I returned to my trans news analysis. Yet again looking at the sources, this time breaking them out by month. The image below shows a colourful graph that should be an abstract bedspread design rather than a representation of media data. Click on it to see it at its full size. It's even more obvious which outlets have an obsession with us, and how constant it all is. I should point out here that one UK paper is missing: the Times hides its content behind a paywall so doesn't appear in Google News.
    Next I'll be looking at language rather than source. You can never tell until the results are in, but I hope there'll be a few stories to tell there, too.
    Just a thought, given current UK news I might add "pregnant man" to my search terms. They can't resist a new angle, can they!


  1. I think it looks better as a bedspread Jenny! It's all a little confusing for my little brain but I do agree that there seems to be a greater interest in TG issues these days. I could be cynical (and I usually am...LOL) and say that I suppose anything remotely concerned with sexual matters (I know gender has nothing to do with sex but you know what I mean) is like a magnet to the media press.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. So that is what is meant by "pretty impressive"!

    Grundian and BBC most consistent, who would have thought?

    Daly Mail, bit over obsessed, needs to see a therapist!

  3. Reminds me of my days in seismic. If you sank a well at Dec 11, maybe you could vent off the bile from the Daily Mail reserves?

  4. In a way it's a measure of our increased profile, that we're the 'safe minority to have a pop at' of the moment. Every other minority that has been here has eventually moved into the safe zone, can't come soon enough.

    There's no sentiment analysis involved, the Gaurdian & BBC pieces are mostly neutral. Plus the Guardian has Juliet Jacques.

    It does look like there might be a Devonian reef in there somewhere, doesn't it. Funnily enough I was reminded of strata maps too.