Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Once is unfortunate...

    Oh dear. For the Beaumont Society to mess up once in a week by breaking the story of the pregnant British trans bloke is unfortunate. For them to mess up twice by apparently giving their blessing to a deeply offensive advertising campaign is downright unforgivable.
    I've met the current Beaumont Society president on several occasions, and I consider her to be pretty sound. I've never met either of the two officials named as sources for these two incidents, but I have to question their competence after showing such a conspicuous lack of basic common sense in the face of external enquiry.
    I'm reminded of my days at university, of student societies. Students love titles and positions, they look good on the CV. It's pretty easy to get yourself in the position of public relations officer for the University Tiddlywinks Society, you just have to show willingness for the job and it's yours.
    But there's the thing, nobody gives a toss about the Tiddlywinks Soc. You can say what you like, and it'll never matter. No newspaper is ever going to solicit your opinion so the "I'll do it!" school of recruitment is fine in that arena.
    Unfortunately though the Beaumont Society operates on a wider stage than a university students union. It seems as one of our better-known national trans organisations they've become the go-to destination for journalists and others looking for a Quotable Tranny. A press contact for such an organisations has a very simple task when faced with a question: say the right thing, or say nothing. Which usually means "Say the right thing if you know what you're doing, or if you don't know what you're doing then shut the f**k up!".
    I mean, come on! It's corporate employee 101: never say anything without ensuring it's on-message first!The only recruitment model for a public relations job with an organisation like the Beaumont Society should be one based on merit, if you don't know what you're doing you should never be allowed the job just because you say "I'll do it!", no matter how long you've been 'on the scene'!

    A few days ago I defended them as a Beaumont Society member against some of their harsher critics and I still stand by that defence as far as it went. By all means knock them for their inept media handling I said, but don't knock them for supporting all facets of our community at the grass roots level.
    I'm afraid I can't defend their inept officialdom though. I won't be canceling my membership because I still believe they can be a force for good in our community, but for what the voice of one member is worth I expect  from within to see both a cull of the inept and a significant change in their public relations strategy from one of rent-a-quote to one of saying the right thing or nothing at all.
    It's not easy, defending an organisation that seems to have a knack for becoming ever more indefensible.


  1. A shame that they've provoked the feeding frenzy among the trollier parts of the more-trans-than-thou brigade. As you say, they really should STFU and stick to what they're good at.

  2. I hope the membership is telling them. It's no use waiting for someone else to.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. Oh believe me, this member is telling them :)

    And it's not falling on deaf ears either. I think things are likely to improve there.