Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trans Conversation Bingo!

    So there we were. Last night, in a Chinese restaurant. My wife and I, our friend B, and about twenty varying trans people of all hues. A local gathering, nothing special.
    The conversation at various points in the evening was sadly predictable. Cars. Bikes. Aircraft. You know, Girly stuff. I'm sure as the owner of a Wreck I've been just as guilty as anyone on that front at times, but this was getting out of hand.
    B and I started playing Trans Conversation Bingo. Collect the set of predictable conversation topics and win!
    At some point, someone suggested it would make a neat mobile phone application, and on that thought I sat down this morning and set to work with the ever-flexible jQuery Mobile.
    You can try the result below. Follow the link in your browser, or scan the QR code into the browser on your internet connected mobile phone. And score the next trans get-together you attend, after all it could be your turn to triumphantly shout "Bingo!".
    It should work on most modern smartphone platforms as well as desktop browsers. You'll need Javascript, and server-side rendering browsers such as Opera Mini might make a meal of it, but give it a go and see how you get on. Just remember one thing though: this is a joke application, don't take it too seriously.

    Try the application at this link: or scan the QR code on the left.


  1. Jenny,you don't mention whether most of those gathered were tv or ts. I have a feeling that might make some difference to the topic of conversation.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. About half and half.

    By my observation though that makes less difference than many TSs would prefer to believe :)

  3. It sounds fun even though I didnt understand the technicalities. Regret my telepone only makes telephone calls.


  4. along the same lines as shirley anne - what was the percentage of trans guys at this gathering?

  5. Nil. Which in itself is a reflection of something a bit regrettable.

    So yes, by saying "All hues", while meaning "Everyone from slightly flamboyant TVs to long-transitioned TSs", in fact I made something of a glaring omission. Mea culpa.