Thursday, 25 March 2010

Explaining GD to a genetic girl

   Having a bit of a conversation with my friend up north I came out to a few weeks ago I came up with something I think is worth sharing. I was trying to explain to her how gender dysphoria can take over your mind at times, as someone who's bisexual she was seeing it through that lens which is to say that as an expression of sexuality being bi does not have the capacity to render your brain dysfunctional.
   This won't work for the 50% of the population who are male, but I explained it in an email thus:
The problem with GD is that it's a brain wiring thing and the part of the brain that's wired as girl complains loudly about the hormone balance it doesn't like. Gender fog. So GD becomes a bigger part of you than you might prefer. For obvious reasons this is beyond my comprehension, but does PMT - another hormone/brain kickup - take you over in the same way?
    I'm pleased to say she understood that explanation immediately, both in terms of PMT and motherhood. Useful if anyone else needs to make the same point to a sympathetic but not-quite-comprehending genetic female friend.