Sunday, 14 March 2010

Passing at last!

   Outside the Swindon TG group meeting last night it turned out our car was crooked in its space. My wife: "You park like a girl!". Me: "Passing at last!".

Well, it made us both laugh, anyway.


  1. LOL! I must meet your wife someday!

  2. Eye thenkyou, eyethenkyou...

  3. I once watched a friend trying to get her car into quite a large space. Half a dozen attempts and she still ended up three feet from the kerb with the nose stuck out into traffic.

    I only said, 'You'd think a lesbian would know how to park,' but she wasn't best pleased...

  4. Hi Jenny,

    Its a start, soon you'll be the girl you were always meant to be.

    The best of good wishes on your transition

  5. @Cathy: You're either brave or foolhardy. Can't decide which :)

    @anonymous: sadly all I can say is if only. Best said by referring you to the two posts linked from the top of the bar to the right of this comment.

  6. Thats great. Reminds me of an old post when I took my wife to meet my therapist. I managed to rip my bumper off reversing and then proceeded to park so close to a tree i knocked off the side mirror.
    I then prked so close to a lampost I had to climb over the seat to get out!
    She had a similar comment to make.

  7. Well you have to laugh about it, don't you.