Sunday, 14 March 2010

They know me too well

    A well-known large size footwear supplier near Northampton provided me with male shoes from my teenage years until about ten years ago when I finally rebelled against their high prices, ugly styles and "We're the only shop in town" attitude to their customers. Guys, look at those cartoons on your wall, they ain't funny, in fact they're mildly offensive if you actually have large feet, which by my observation, none of your staff do.
    They've never stopped sending me their catalogue though. Despite no purchases, a couple of times a year I get two envelopes in the post from them. Two envelopes? That's right, they always send me their female catalogue as well as their male one. So I've not bought from them in years, only bought male shoes from them, their girl shoes stop three sizes below mine and back when I last had a pair from them I was a closeted depressive. Yet they still send me their girl catalogue. Someone in Harpole has Awesome t-dar!


  1. They may well have awsome t-dar, but terrible sense if they are sending you catalogues for shoes that won't fit... Did you so something to upset them the last time you were there?


  2. It's so long ago I can't remember. I think I just bought a pair of Doc Martens and went on my way.

    The silly thing is, if they did UK15s I'd almost certainly still be a customer.