Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My doctor thanked me for his homework assignment

    This morning I went to see my doctor once more. Having sought counsel both through this medium and through my local TG  support group I was forearmed with a neatly bound copy of the NHS guidance document. Thanks Cat for that bit of advice!
   The first thing he did was apologise for not having found anything for me. When I replied that maybe I could help, and presented him with all he needed to know in one handy parcel, he was over the moon. The upshot of it all is that I'll be referred onwards, and upwards. My first GIC appointment whenever it finally comes won't be the joyous day it must be for others though as yet again I'll have the sweeties dangled over me, so near and yet so far. I will however be able to get a proper diagnosis which will help me with respect to my work, and I will also be put onto whatever counselling service they consider is appropriate.
    I have been fed into the machine, at least.

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