Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday afternoon blues

    As an exercise in keeping ones brain active enough not to fall asleep either before the end of the working day or while driving through the Friday rush hour, writing a random blog post about nothing much at all doesn't really cut it. But the filter machine downstairs has been turned off for the weekend so there's no coffee left, the office is hot enough to cook pizza from the built-up white heat of technology and opening the window only brings the buzzing sound of an elusive two-stroke motor. So there's not much else I can do right now.
     Just what are they doing that requires a small two-stroke on a wet Friday anyway? No need for leaf blowing, it's March. Similarly they won't be grass cutting yet. Sounds far too constant for a chainsaw. Generator? Surely not one of those nasty little Chinese portable jobs with the chocolate bearings and the pre-glazed bore!
    My weekend will be spent variously spaced out on Zopiclone, racking last year's cider and fettling various rusty bits of farm machinery. Wet and rusty bits of farm machinery, that is. The BBC tells me we're due some light rain which is to say anything from a soft spring shower to a miserable drizzle. We Brits have many different words for our precipitation. Still, with luck I'll taste a little of last autumn's golden halo in the rough proto-cider I draw off the lees. If you're not a cider-phile then I can only describe the flavour I'm looking for as intensely pippy, as in apple pips.
    Whatever your weekend brings you, I hope you sleep well.


  1. Which reminds me: I soon shifted that cider you brought. Very nice. When are you coming this way again?

    Hugs, Cat XX

  2. Threre are techies in the building and they turned the coffee machine off? Surely that's against a geeks human rights, removing life support!

    The cider sounds nice - though I have to admit outside of Strongbow there is not much I can law my hands on. :(

    Have a good weekend,

  3. @Cat: Glad you enjoyed it! Stace will understand this one too, when my troublesome child of Canley can reliably turn a wheel.

    @Stace: We share a building with a load of other companies. The receptionist downstairs works for the building, she's a lovely girl but she goes home early on Fridays.

    Strongbow? Hmmm, I see your problem. Either (a)drive to the UK and buy some Westons or (b)drive to Flanders, there is a cidermaking tradition in that region.

  4. Just want to make sure we're talking about the same cider. The good stuff has alcohol, eh?

    Calie xx

  5. Absolutely. Fermented apple juice, about 7% ABV, the best!