Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sharpening up my act

    Never having been out in the world en femme, I've never really had to bother too much about how I look. I could certainly do a lot worse, but when I'm merely cross-dressing for my own amusement it doesn't matter much if I get something a bit wrong, or maybe do something in a less-than-expert manner. All that is set to change though. If I am to show my face as girl even in the safe space of a TG support group then my presentation needs to be as faultless as I can make it in front of my peers. I'd hate for someone to look at me and think "She didn't make much effort!".
    So to that end I've been busily sharpening up my act. First to receive attention has been my weight. I'm fortunate enough to be in pretty good nick with a very active lifestyle so I wasn't in too bad shape in January, but there's always room for improvement. Someone my size can pack away an astounding quantity of food, so I've simply cut my portion sizes down to those consumed by mere mortals. Not surprisingly this has had some effect. Down from 224 pounds to 213, that's 11 pounds since January. My BMI was in the healthy range anyway, but that's got to be good. Unfortunately though it's had the effect that some clothes, both boy and girl, no longer fit me as my waist has dropped from a size UK18 somewhere in the direction of a 16. My upper body is always going to be an 18 - it's a ribcage thing - but I didn't quite expect this much change at waist level.
    It's also now a couple of months since I stopped biting my nails with the aid of the excellent Stop-n-grow. I have never posessed a set of unbitten fingernails as an adult so now I've grown them to what is for me an unfeasably long length (but is probably not very long in the scheme of things) and shaped them carefully I'm discovering just what a pain in the arse they can be as well as a relative joy to look at compared to the gnawed stumps they used to be.
    Take mobile phones for instance. People with fingernails press the buttons with them. People without fingernails use the fleshy end of their finger. I've spent a lifetime doing the latter, so I now find I'm spearing my fingernail down the gap between the keys and failing completely to text or dial as I want to. Which is probably very amusing to watch.
    It has been worth the effort. If nothing else I've lost the perpetual annoyance of pain in one finger or another where I had bitten a little too close. But I think I'm going to have to resist the urge to grow them further just because I can, and trim them back to sensible levels. Before I catch one of them in something and hurt myself.
    Finally, I've after a bit of effort and research picked a better foundation and taken the time to get a good colour match. Not having too blue a beard I flatter myself I get a good enough concealment without resorting to trowelling it on, so the Clarins everlasting foundation range does the trick and is comfortable to wear, if a little pricey. Having put both myself and my wife in stitches looking at "chestnut", a colour I can only describe as "Game show host orange" and all the colours in between to "ivory", a Goth-like pastiness, I find that I'm a "toffee". I'd always thought of myself as a mint imperial, personally.
    As I have observed before, passing is not my strong point. Someone standing on White Horse Hill could tell I'm not a GG. But at least the above effort should mean that our observer by the White Horse might have a moment of doubt if the moon wasn't shining.


  1. Wish I had the time to practice... I tried for the first time in a couple of weekends ago... It did not go well - I think that POD would have been less than impressed :(

    Getting the length of nails right can be tricky... Too long and people may start to notice, but when you trim them they all but dissapear.


  2. I find myself in the odd position of Mrs. J wanting to practice on me. Which is kinda fun, but defeats the object slightly.

  3. Good for you. I remember how much effort I put in in my early meetings. I was as nervous as hell.
    Taking steps like you are will help you a lot.

    The biggest single difference for me was facial hair removal. It really does change things a lot.
    I hope you enjoy your meeting.

  4. Funnily enough I'm not nervous, having been along as bloke helps there. I'm trying to have as much fun as I can perfecting my presentation. It'll be a lot easier the more I do it.

    Of course, once I've made my splash looking good, I can gracefuly return to my usual Waynetta Slob.

  5. This must mean that you have acquired a wig now, as well. Did I miss a post on this?

  6. Patience, patience! :)

    Having had an appointment with a very nice hairdresser a week or two ago the "right" hair is on order, if it hasn't already arrived in his salon. All part of making an effort.

  7. Ah, I shall try to keep my panties unwadded.

  8. @Leslie - Thanks for than one, girlfriend.

    @Jenny - Love the map. Could not find the white horse or the hill. If I can stand there and appear as a GG, I need to find the place.

    Calie xxx

  9. Uffington White Horse is a local landmark. It's a neolithic chalk figure of a stylised horse, next to an Iron Age hill fort.


    GG looks guaranteed, all you have to do is go there when it's really dark. :)