Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bloke fraud

   Over the corridor from my office, there's another company. I have no idea what they do, they keep themselves to themselves, but I see their employees in the kitchen from time to time when I'm off in search of coffee. One of them is a stunningly flawless Chinese girl. Not only is she physically very attractive, she also has near-perfect dress sense and enviable presentation. In short, every time I see her I want to be like her. On bad girl fog days seeing her is torture, on good days a pleasure.
    Today she surpassed herself with a simple crimson shift dress. This was not lost on my two colleagues who launched into one of those slightly lustful blokey conversations about her. Not too disrespectful or coarse, after all both of them are nice blokes, just the kind of reactions you'd expect from heterosexual blokes discussing such a girl.
    I couldn't help myself, I joined in enthusiastically. After all, enthusing about her appearance as someone admiring her sounds very similar to enthusing about the same appearance as someone who wishes they could emulate it, and I have a larger-than-life bloke act to nurture.
    I'm such a fraud, sometimes.


  1. But not with the people who matter, I believe.

    Anyway, who knows what dark secrets your colleagues may be concealing? Bowls... Morris Dancing...

    Hugs, Cat XX

  2. It's far worse than that Cathy.

    One of them's a golfer.

  3. As part of keeping our skeletons in the closet, acting the pervy male chauvanist (spelt it wrong I know lol), is something we must do from time to time.

  4. Which is why it's going to be one 'ell of a shock if or when my work are ever subjected to the Long Chat.

    It's a fine line, that between admiration and exploitation in a conversation like that. I suspect the girl in question is fully aware of the effect she has and is seeking admiration so I wasn't too uncomfortable joining in this particular one. Like I said, my colleagues are decent blokes.

  5. Interesting point.
    I know many women who chat about a good looking hansome man when they see them. Sometimes those converstaions can get a little bit more excited than you would expect also.
    However they dont seem to get quite as graphic as the ones men have sometimes.

  6. Que sera sera - all of our lives have elements of compromise, for some the past, or near, aspects of life can be disturbing. But attraction / lust (or wherever it is on the spectrum) isn't just a male thing; some of the verbalisation is different, the thoughts are not, I'd suggest?

  7. I must not be stealthy enough in my girly chatting then, they never open up to me on this front :)