Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vote early...

    I've just exercised my democratic right and scribbled a cross on a bit of paper before placing it in a box. That's all I've done, I haven't sent a message to the Bums In Power, I haven't changed anything, made a difference or even saved the world. In fact, since I drove to the polling station through a beautifully misty rural dawn, I've probably done my little bit to destroy the world.
    My time this morning was wasted because I voted in a safe seat. The MP I voted against is a London barrister parachuted in by his party in the 1980s who though he's a nice enough chap if you meet him is not a man of his constituency and does little to represent all bar a relatively small and wealthy clique of his constituents. More people could vote against him than for him, but our first past the post electoral system means he's got a job for life. At least now he can't use his expenses to buy a second home.
    Yet I made the effort, voted anyway. At least this way I can legitimately complain about him.


  1. Vote early...

    ... and often?

    I think that was the full quote, and it appears to be a fashionable practice.

    Suzie x

  2. Of course, I registered my other hundred votes as postal ballots weeks ago!

    Curious, I Googled.

  3. I spent a lot of time listening to the BBC last night. Fascinating, your political system...and I still don't have a clue. We really need to sit down in a bar and have you explain all of this in great detail.

  4. Likewise, none of us understand the whole primary system :)

  5. I'm ready, Jenny. Just name a place and time. We do have some supposedly authentic English pubs around these parts of the great frontier. Just let me know when.