Sunday, 9 May 2010


    Sadly there was no white ballgown for me to wear and I didn't meet the Queen.

   Yesterday evening, I made my debut in the real world presenting as female. There was very little of the worry I expected, it all felt completely natural and I had a great time.

    First up was my normal support group meeting with its usual attendees. A convoluted plan involving changing at a friends house having worked to perfection and the drive having passed uneventfully, I was outside the hall and ready to go. A quick makeup and hair check in the rear-view mirror and off I went. Remember the posture, lose the bloke walk. Blimey, that was easy!

   A grand entrance is ruined slightly when you have to duck for the damn door frame.

   After the meeting a load of us went for our usual meal at a very nice Italian restaurant. A very friendly place with excellent food, though a slight challenge for me because it is situated in a  rather busy town centre, and this being Saturday night you get all sorts out on the street. Including us. :)

    Hell, just go for it.

    I doubt I was fooling anyone, but I couldn't care less. Being large and loud and with an ability to be somewhat in-your-face I was just stealing a hefty slice of bloke self-confidence and seizing the role. And having a lot of fun in the process.

    So, I've done it. And come away grinning ear-to-ear. I'd say that's a result.


  1. You've got me smiling too Jenny-superb

  2. Fantastic! Now you've tasted the great outdoors as a woman, there's no going back. And the more you do it, the more feminine your body language will become.

    Angie xx

  3. you've unleashed your inner girl alright, look out world.

    Caroline xxxx

  4. Yes! (envy get thee behind me)
    You Go Girl! :)


  5. Lisa in Raleigh9 May 2010 at 15:03


  6. Congratulations Jenny! I'm so glad you had a good time. There's no stopping you now, girl!

    Melissa XX

  7. Way to go girl!

  8. How ya gonna keep her down on the farm after she's seen Paree..... :-)

  9. Thanks everyone. After a bit of a post-high downer yesterday I'm back to the grinning.

    Moment that made me laugh all the way back to the car? The restaurant is very friendly, the ladies from the support group have been going there for years and know all the waiters very well. As we were leaving: "Ciao bella". Still making me laugh :)

  10. You go, girl! (and don't forget to duck)

  11. Thanks both. It'll be much more scary in heels.

  12. Fantastic! You brave girl you!

  13. Brilliant, glad it went well :)
    Lucy x

  14. Jenny, busy catching up with weeks of posts from you - so happy to read this entry. Sounds like a fantastic evening!

  15. I really must catch up, as I soon won't recognize you. I remember the warm feeling I had for days after my first time out. Having a safe place to dine makes it so much better!

    You are coming along gangbusters, girlfriend.

  16. Thanks again all, now I'm entering the apprehensive period before next time.